How to Master Butter Chicken with This Fool-proof Recipe

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This dish straddles effortlessly between being both a gourmand’s delight and soul-stirring comfort food. That is the power of butter chicken! From the humble beginnings at an eatery in Delhi to global fame, butter chicken today has a cult status. Chunks of chicken soaking in flavourful tomato-based unctuous gravy creating a gastronomic heaven for both naan-lovers and rice aficionados.

If you’re one of the many ardent fans of butter chicken, this is a recipe you can easily make at home


1 tsp butter
4 green and black cardamoms
1 cup tangdi kabab pieces, shredded
½ tsp sugar
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp dried fenugreek leaves
Salt to taste
Water as required

For the masala

1 tbsp butter
8-10 garlic cloves
5-6 slices of ginger
5-7 dried red chillies
2 bay leaves
3 black cardamoms
1 cup tomatoes sliced
Water as required
For the garnish
Fresh cream
Mint leaves


  1. Heat some butter in a pan, add garlic cloves and ginger slices and saute them.
  2. Next add dried red chillies, bay leaves, black cardamoms, sliced tomatoes and water and cook the masala.
  3. Pour the masala into a mixer and blend it into a fine paste.
  4. To prepare the butter chicken, heat butter in a pan, add green and black cardamoms and saute them.
  5. Add the prepared paste and the shredded chicken pieces.
  6. Mix well and add water so that the masala doesn’t dry up.
  7. Add sugar, garam masala, coriander powder, salt and dry fenugreek leaves.
  8. Mix well.
  9. Garnish the butter chicken with fresh cream and mint leaves and serve hot.

Here’s Gurdip Kohli Punj’s step-by-step instructional video:

How to Master Butter Chicken with This Fool-proof Recipe

Chef Ajay Chopra's Butter Chicken recipe is slightly more elaborate, but as a good as any dish a Delhi dhaba can offer.

How to Master Butter Chicken with This Fool-proof Recipe

For Restaurant-style Butter Chicken

Now that you’ve mastered the basic butter chicken recipe, time to take it up a notch. Every restaurant has their own secret tips and tricks to make their version finger licking version of the dish. We reached out to chefs to share their expertise to help you create the ultimate restaurant-style butter chicken.

For Leftover Butter Chicken

Once you’ve had your heart’s content of butter chicken, odds are you’ll have leftovers on your hands, take away or homemade. We firmly believe in reinterpreting food and feel very strongly about food wastage, so here is an inspiration for you to get creative with your leftover butter chicken. From pizza to pulao, give your leftover butter chicken a new lease of life.

Try Chef Ranveer Brar's

Butter Chicken Lasgna recipe

to make the most of your left over butter chicken:

How to Master Butter Chicken with This Fool-proof Recipe

When MasterChef Australia Featured Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken has travelled far and wide across the world, but it was a rare occasion when it was the spotlight in the Season 9 of the reality cooking show, MasterChef Australia. Young Indian Chef Saransh Goila, who became famous for his butter chicken, Goila Butter Chicken, went to the land down under to teach and then judge the contestants of MasterChef Australia. If you want to try Chef Goila’s butter chicken then head to Mumbai’s Flea Bazaar Café.

Butter Chicken Makes B-Town Drool!

Even Bollywood celebrities can’t get enough of butter chicken! From Shah Rukh Khan to Diana Penty, the who’s who of tinsel town, all, crave for a butter chicken when yearning for comfort. 

Butter Chicken via Amritsar

If butter chicken has piqued your interest, then here is the story of an Amritsari thali where this north Indian chicken dish plays a supporting role. In a land where milk plays a very crucial part of the food heritage, find out where butter chicken stands.

India is an expansive melting pot of flavours and styles, and there are innumerable chicken dishes that you can master. We’d suggest you start with these six unbeatable chicken recipes.

Looking for more ways to cook chicken? Here are six techniques to cook chicken at home.

(Do you know what is an integral part of butter chicken? Tandoori Chicken. Here’s how to master the perfect tandoori chicken.)

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