How to Make Kulfi at Home

It’s time to put the spotlight on this traditional Indian dessert

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Kulfi is a traditional Indian frozen dessert made using milk, sugar and dry fruits. It derives its name from a Persian word qulfi, meaning a covered cup. Once the kulfi base is prepared, the mixture is poured into metal qulfi cups, sealed with lids, and kept in large containers of ice to freeze. It is believed that the kulfi recipe was invented in 16th-century north India, which was then part of the Mughal Empire. In fact, food historian KT Achaya’s research into the subject has led him to believe that the original kulfi recipe was a concoction of condensed milk, loads of sugar, pistachios, green cardamoms and saffron.

For the uninitiated, kulfi is like ice cream in appearance; however, its texture and flavours are quite different. Kulfi is creamier and has denser flavours as compared to an ice cream. India boasts a variety of kulfis. The most popular ones include mango, rose, cardamom and pistachio. This dessert is either served on a wooden stick or on a dessert plate/bowl. In case all this kulfi talk has got you craving for one right now, here is an easy-to-make kulfi recipe to help you out.

Kulfi Recipe
Give the usual ice cream a break and end your meal with this delicious mango-flavoured kulfi with almonds. This kulfi recipe will help you reminisce the golden days of your childhood. 
How to Make Kulfi at Home

To find out all the ingredients and steps of this kulfi recipe, click here.

More Kulfi Recipe Ideas

Living Foodz chefs get creative with the kulfi recipe and present to you unique kulfi variations. While some added fruits and chocolate chips to the kulfi recipe, a few others made a fusion dessert with it. Check out the recipe ideas here:

Kala Jamun Kulfi Recipe
Just imagine warm kala jamuns and ice-cold kulfis together - seems like a culinary mash-up made in dessert heaven (if there is any), doesn’t it? LF expert Gurdip Kohli Punj turned this thought into reality by dunking diced kala jamuns into the kulfi base and the result was an indulgent kala jamun kulfi. Learn how to make it here
How to Make Kulfi at Home

Orange and Saffron Kulfi Recipe
Chef Ranveer Brar gives a delicious twist to the classic kulfi by adding some saffron, rose water and orange juice to it. Try this recipe at home and let us know how it turns out in the comments section below.
How to Make Kulfi at Home

Chocolate Chip Kulfi Recipe
In case you’re not in the mood for traditional flavours, you can use Chef Rakhee Vaswani’s idea and whip up this chocolate chip kulfi. While many add chocolate in the melted form to the kulfi, the LF expert decided to go for chocolate chips and crunchy cookie mix. This not only elevates the flavour of the kulfi, but also treats you to a variety of textures.
How to Make Kulfi at Home


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