How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

Many states, many variations, and each version of kachori will leave you satiated.

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Kachori is not the same as samosa—they both may have savoury stuffing and deep fried to a perfect crunchiness, but the former is a 100% made in India product. It is believed it is the Marwari traders of Rajasthan who first created the kachori. As they travelled and settled across India in search of better opportunities, kachori too travelled with them. Wherever this ancient Indian business community settled there is a kachori variation that takes on local colours. And they are all delicious!

To get you started on your kachori journey Living Foodz has just the kachori recipe—pyaz ki kachori! The best part about this onion kachori recipe is the fact that Chef Ranveer Brar has figured a cheat code to make the process less cumbersome.
How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

For step-by-step onion kachori recipe by Chef Brar, click here.

If you ever find yourself in the Pink City of Jaipur, head to local chaatwalas who will have you drooling over their mastery over kachoris. Here are the places in Jaipur that you must visit.

Similarly, Benaras also is very famous for its kachoris. These are quite different from those in Jaipur—here’s a complete lowdown on Benarasi kachori and how it’s served with a mixed veg bhaji.

Different Types of Kachori

Chef Brar has even more exciting kachori recipes, from savoury to sweet and even regional variations. You have to give them a try!

Arbi ki Kachori Recipe

Check out how Chef Brar uses colocasia or arbi to make a filling for dumpling-shaped mini kachoris. The tuber is far healthier that potatoes and when cooked well can transform any dish, even kachori.

How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

Sweet Potato Kachori Recipe

Yet another tuber that doesn’t receive due credit, sweet potatoes, makes for an exciting kachori filling. Here’s a kachori recipe that uses sweet potato for a savoury kachori and served with a sweet prune chutney.

How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

Date Kachori Recipe

Dates are an unlikely filling for a kachori, but you know that it is going to be an exotic mix of sweet and savoury. This kachori recipe will become a go-to dessert at your home.

How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

Dried Fruit Kachori Recipe

Nuts, dried fruits and dates, mix them all together to make another dessert-style kachori. This dried fruit kachori will satiate your sweet tooth without compromising your diet and health.

How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

Lucknow Kachori Mutter Recipe

Unlike the other kachoris on this list, this kachori recipe has no filling. But it does use, urad dal in the dough. Serve it with tangy mutter dish for a taste of Lucknow. Here’s the recipe.

How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

Steamed Kachori Kadhi Recipe

This kachori recipe has a quintessential Gujarati taste and feel to it. And instead of frying, you steam them—can it get healthier? Serve it with a Gujarati style kadhi and enjoy!

How to Make Kachori: India’s Favourite Snack

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