How to Make Chole Bhature

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Breakfast is meant to be hearty, filling and nourishing. North Indians have gone the extra mile by making breakfast equally rich and decadent, and example of this is chole bhature—spicy and tangy chickpea gravy is scooped and mopped up by big fluffy deep fried bread and served with a side of fresh salad.

It may look complicated, but chole bhature is anything but. Having said that, chole bhature recipe does require proper planning and preparation before you go all in to the cooking. Here is Ripudaman Handa breaking down the chole bhature recipe for you:

How to Make Chole Bhature

For step-by-step chole bhature recipe, click here.

As you’ve noticed, there are two component in this breakfast meal. Chole or the chickpea curry—a smorgasbord of electrifying flavour that will leave you craving for more—being the crucial one. While chana masala is the popular go-to chole recipe, but don’t be afraid to go a step further make authentic Punjabi-style chole.

Here Chef Rakhee Vaswani uses Darjeeling tea to add a delicate but aromatic twist to Punjabi chole. Use of tea is a common trick to add a deeper colour to the chole in a chole bhature recipe

How to Make Chole Bhature

For step-by-step recipe, click here.

In this recipe, Chef Ranveer Brar uses a tamarind-chutney as an accompaniment with this Punjabi chole. When served with bhatura, the chole is will be an explosion of flavours.

How to Make Chole Bhature

For step-by-step recipe, click here.

Just in case the deep-fried bhatura is making you uncomfortable, there is another accompaniment with Punjabi choleAmritsari Kulcha. This stuffed Punjabi bread can easily be baked as Chef Vaibhav Mahajan shows you in this step-by-step recipe for Amritsari Kulcha.

Since we are discussing Amritsar and Punjab, this is a good time to take a look at what drives Amritsar's foodie nature in this articleWhat is Amritsar's Secret Sauce?

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