How to Host a Fool-proof FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Party!

A quick checklist for everything from décor to food, so your FIFA party is focused on football and fun.

Sayoni Bhaduri

Sunil Chettri’s impassioned and heartfelt call for support for the India vs Kenya in the Intercontinental Cup has truly rubbed off on our fickle minds. So much so FIFA Football World Cup 2018 being held in Russia has generated exponential increase in followers in India. Office laptops to public screenings, everyone is glued to the FIFA Football World Cup 2018 matches, especially since it’s the world cup of the ‘underdogs’. Now that the preliminary matches are over and the real excitement has begun, make the game an excuse to throw a get-together and watch-together.

Hosting a game night is a time honoured tradition across the world. Well, FIFA World Cup 2018 is the perfect excuse to get on the party band wagon.


Getting people excited about FIFA World Cup 2018 is not complicated but it is always a good idea to make a list and check it twice. Ensure your guest list doesn’t fluctuate and you have an exact headcount. Eases planning for the evening.

For invitations, pick up some stress balls or rubber balls shaped as football. Scribble date, time and address with a permanent marker. You can also print out FIFA World Cup 2018 ticket templates and customise them.


Two crucial elements of décor for a FIFA World Cup watch-together party:

  1. Space; everything else will revolve around this. You don’t need a huge space, but you do need plenty of seating space—throw in the rugs,m bean bags, floor cushions, recliners, the works. There has to be a seat for each of your guest AND they should be comfy!
  2. Television! Yes, it is obvious but you’d be surprised how often we take the basic things for granted and end up with last minute glitches. Make sure your cable connection/ set top box is operational and that the TV is set-up in a central location of your living room, where everyone has visual access to it. If your TV is in the bedroom, everyone piling on the bed may not be what you want. You can consider hiring a projector and connecting your set top box to it for a theatre-style experience of FIFA World Cup 2018 match.

Add a FIFA vibe to your room with some themed decorations. Create a poster of a football field with place holders for FIFA World Cup 2018 players, which you can fill when the final lineup is disclosed. Place a few extras on the edges for the times when a player gets exchanged.

Hang a few buntings and flags of both the team colours. And if you have a favourite team then your party can also have a colour theme. You can print team flags on A3 sheets of paper and hang them.

Get football themed coasters, paper napkins and coasters. For the hardcore fans, get some cheering paraphernalia such as flags, banners and masks. A lot of these requirements are easily available on e-commerce websites so you don’t have to stress about it.

Don’t forget to stock your bathrooms with plenty of tissues and room fresheners.


The thumb rule for any party or get-together, is to keep it simple. Unless of course you’re showcasing your culinary skills. But for FIFA World Cup 2018 viewing party stick, to finger foods.

Chips and dips in all permutation combination is a zero fuss option on a game night menu. Whether they are straight out of a bag or you’re making them at home, chips are always a hit in a party. Similarly, dips—mayonnaise, sour cream, guacamole, tomato ketchup or even kasundi—go readymade. If you’re looking to add a personal homely touch, whip up a simple tzatziki-style yogurt dip with grated cucumber, lime juice and olive oil. Crudites, though very old school, is a healthy alternative to chips.

For something more substantial, shawarma, rolls or frankies are a good change to boring sandwiches. Cut them in half to avoid wastage, stack ‘em up and avoid plenty of tissue papers for messy eaters. Pizzas are another no-brainer meal where one can focus on the game more.

Cupcakes with country flag is easy to order and also to make at home.

Drink up 

Beer is a go-to. Pints are better than cans and big bottles, again you can control wastage. Thankfully, we now have options in the form of bottled craft beers such as Bira 91 and Simba. You can always play it safe with the commercial brands.

For those who aren’t much of beer heads, simple cocktails can be pre-made so as not to hamper your focus on the football match on the screen. Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Mojito and the perennial favourite, Sangria, are all easy to make ahead and keep.

Keeping in mind the recent ban on plastic, bring out your Tupperware and melamine glassware. They’re non-breakable and easy to clean. Also keep plenty of dustbins and trashcans spaced across the room—easy clean up.

Now that you’re all set, go forth and cheer for your team.



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