How To Get Your Home Monsoon Ready

While we romanticise the monsoon, there is prep work that demands our attention when it comes to sprucing up our homes.

Revati Nargund

While the rains wash away all the dust and grime that settles around us; monsoon also brings with it its own set of challenges. Our homes are one of the first to suffer from the torrential downpour. But it is necessary to manage these watery woes with simple planning and some precautionary measures in home keeping.

We spoke to a few experts, interior designers and architects on how to sort these monsoon woes without much hassle. Nishita Kamdar, an architectural designer and owner of her own design studio in Mumbai says she gets a horde of requests from independent homeowners and those who live on the ground floors to add awnings or French windows.

“There was also an interesting request for a farmhouse to build a rainwater harvesting tank in the farm so they could collect the rainwater and reuse it for washing cars or toilets. This made me realise how aware some people are about the environment and how individual efforts to save water can make a difference to the environment and the community,” she said.

For city homes, she advises using dehumidifiers to get rid of the dampness in our homes. Also, doing away with extra throws or rugs that absorb moisture instantly is one home improvement tip to keep your house clean and fresh.

Amping up the Living Room

We tend to decorate our living room with heavy carpets and curtains that look extremely fancy but can be really cumbersome when it comes to maintenance. Think about it, when was the last time you gave your curtains to the laundry? Prepare for the rains with these simple decor DIY hacks:

  • Buy decent dirt trappers and replace them with low-quality doormats.
  • Adorn your sofas with quirky coloured cushions that are bright and prints that add colour and change the tonality of the room.
  • Declutter the space and amp it up with artificial lighting. Adding a yellow lamp shade or a string of fairy lights near the window sill can brighten up the space and create a livelier atmosphere in the gloomy months.


Bringing Functionality to the Bedroom

Going for functional home décor and placing scented candles to alleviate the monsoon dampness in the bedroom is the easiest way to change the mood and atmosphere of the room. Replace your duvets and heavy bedcovers or blankets with minimalistic and pleasant sheets.

With overcast skies and incessant rain, the room can get pretty dark; adding a spot of lighting or a funky fixture to the existing lights can really lift the mood. You could also get creative with the walls and paint a mural, hang up a few frames filled with pictures of your family or places you wish to visit, movie posters that you have loved, the list goes on. Changing the fabric of your curtains to cotton with colours like aquamarine, turquoise, light green and pastels, is also a great idea.  

For more heavy-duty structural protection, Divya Deora from The Purple Turtles, a home décor store that has outlets in both Bengaluru and Chennai says it is best to invest in a good sealant for timely closing of gaps or cracks that can occur between doors and the adjacent balconies. “Natural air fresheners will also keep the home smelling great, there are variants like rosemary, lemon and vanilla available these days and it also keeps the damp smell away. Edges by the window should be rechecked for water proofing, to avoid leakage. We get customers who begin prepping their home for the monsoon from the month of May, while some others will only take measures after having experienced issues.”

Sanitizing the Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, the electric points and connections need to be checked well before the monsoon hits. Home appliances such as the microwave, refrigerator, oven, etc. are at close distances and it is important to be cautious of any power leakages.

Ensure that the counter tops are always kept clean, food is well covered and cabinets have perfumed bath salts, which keep musty odours away. 


Customising the Bathroom

When it comes to leakages and damp smells in enclosed areas, bathrooms are the most affected. area in your homes. If you have wood or marble floors, keeping the dampness away can be a real challenge. At such times, putting dried neem leaves or naphthalene balls in the cupboards inside the bathroom or simply in corners next to the wash basin can really keep the smell away.

Setting up the Balcony

If you have an open area or an outdoor balcony of sorts, you can always spruce up the area by putting up plants in colourful pots or metal containers that are painted in quirky prints. Light a few pieces of camphor in a diffuser as camphor is an effective mosquito repellent. Make sure you take out any rugs or carpets, the potted plants inside the house should be kept in the outer areas since they tend to increase the moisture levels in the house. 



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