How to Check the Purity of Honey at Home

Check out these simple ways to spot adulterated honey

Ishita Lote

Honey has been popular mainly for two reasons: its medicinal properties and for its use in various recipes as a sugar substitute. Its anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties has made it every grandma’s trusted nuskha for getting rid of the seasonal flu. It is also a go-to for all the weight watchers, who are dodging sugar-laden sweets.

However, honey bears these properties only in its purest form. Any kind of adulteration leads to lowered quality and potential harm to health. Hence it becomes essential to assure the quality of the honey before its consumption.

But how can one tell the difference between pure and adulterated honey? Here are a few tests that you should carry out at home to check its purity:

1) The Water Test

: Take a glass full of water and pour honey in it. If the strands settle without dissolving - good news! You’ve got the good quality pure honey. But in case the honey dissolves and you see it turn into a milky solution with a dense colour there are very high chances that you’ve been duped into buying adulterated honey. For understanding this process better, scroll up.

2) The Thumb Test

: Put a few drops of honey on your thumb. Look for the consistency. Impure honey has a runny consistency while pure honey sticks to your thumb and is denser.

3) The Flame Test:

Dip a matchstick in honey and light it. If it lights up easily, it indicates that the honey is pure. On the other hand, if it fails to light up, suspect moisture and adulterants in the honey. 

4) The Vinegar Test

: Now this is an easy one. In one tablespoon honey mix 2-3 teaspoons vinegar and some water. If you see the mixture foaming up, it’s a sign, the honey is adulterated.

So before you go about adding honey to your recipes or gulping it down like medicine, make sure you carry out at least one of the tests given above to ensure the purity of your honey!


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