How to Buy the Perfect Eggplant

Scroll through some much-needed pro tips for picking the perfect brinjal


Eggplants aka brinjals or aubergines are eaten all over India and each state/region has its unique way of relishing it - bharwan baingan from parts of north India, ringna no olo from Gujarat, and vazhutnanga theeyal from Kerala; to name a few. It's not just the vegetable's flavour and texture that has earned it fans across the country, but also its health benefits. Eggplants are a great source of fibre, vitamin B and micronutrients like copper and manganese.

Despite this, many hesitate when it comes to buying an eggplant. Which eggplant should I buy? How do I know it is fresh? How to ensure there are no worms in it? Should I buy the lighter or the heavier one? Well, don't worry, we've got you covered. Scroll through for answers to all your questions regarding buying the perfect eggplant.

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Look at the skin and its colour

Fresh eggplants will have consistently shiny and smooth skin throughout the vegetable. If the colour is dull, it may have been stored poorly. Wrinkles are also a sign of old age among eggplants. As far as possible, buy organic eggplants as conventional farming uses numerous rounds of pesticide spraying in the life-cycle of an eggplant.

Another unmissable point - avoid eggplants with small holes on them. These holes may be home to worms.   

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Check for firmness

Buy firm eggplants, they should give a little under your fingers, or they may be too raw. Pick a vibrant eggplant, the stem should be green and mould-free. It should also be smooth and the pointed end needs to be firm. 

Go for the lighter one

If two eggplants of the same size weigh different, pick the lighter one. Older, more mature eggplants have less pulp and more seeds, thereby increasing their weight, and sometimes making them bitter.


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