How to Buy, Clean, and Store Mushrooms

Chef Gautam Mehrishi shares some expert tips

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Packed with umami, mushroom is an easy-to-cook ingredient. It can be the hero of sauces, stews, and curries. What’s tricky is how to buy, clean, and store mushrooms. Check out our video for some simple tips and tricks to help you along the way. Pro tip: Get out of your button-mushroom comfort zone and try the different local and imported varieties available today.   


It is advisable to avoid prepackaged mushrooms and go for the loose ones. This helps inspect the quality and condition of the mushrooms. Also, don’t purchase those with discolouration or shriveled patches. The produce needs to be damp but not moist or slimy. Another important point to keep in mind, while purchasing mushrooms is its texture. Mushrooms need to be springy and not spongy. And as far as the smell is concerned, the best of these flavourful fungi have a sweet and distinctively earthy scent.


Cleaning and washing mushroom can be a slightly tedious process since they grow closer to the earth and may have dirt on them. Chef Gautam Mehrishi has a simple and foolproof way of getting rid of the dirt on mushrooms. He mixes corn flour or all-purpose flour and water to make a scrub. He rubs it on the mushrooms and ensures all the fungi’s impurities are scrubbed away.


If not stored correctly, mushrooms can get spoiled easily. And the main reason behind that is its high moisture content. They can go springy to shriveled or slimy in no time. Chef Mehrishi suggests you store it in a paper bag. Do not leave it in a plastic container or there will be a black layer formed on its surface. 

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