How to Add a Healthy Twist to Your Favourite Samosa

Eat all you can with these healthy samosas made with multigrain atta and veggies

Annabelle D’Costa

Samosas make everything better. A birthday party, the monsoons, the college canteen, meeting old friends at a dhaba or the boring office evening snack. And despite being loaded with carbs and fats, these triangles never go out of fashion. So we decided to take the guilt off them so you can go ahead and eat all you can, samosa!

Bake them

Ditch the kadhai and reach out for your oven. Baking your samosas is the simplest and easiest way to use less oil, without having to compromise on the taste or crispiness of your fave chai-time snack. Bake your samosas for 15 minutes at 210°C, then turn heat down to 190°C and bake for 10 more minutes. You may want to flip them over before turning the heat down.

Switch aaloo with veggies

You’d be surprised to find out that apart from potatoes, you can stuff your samosas with just about any veggies of your choice. Just make sure to get them really dry or else you’ll be left with soggy samosas. You could either give this kadhai subz samosa or this equally healthy corn and spinach samosa a try. If not, you could also use your leftover sabzis as a filling for your samosas, and say no to food wastage.

Ditch maids

We all know that maida or all-purpose flour is refined flour, and does more harm than good to our health. Instead of packing your samosas in a maida pouch, you could try healthier alternatives such as wheat, ragi, quinoa, soy, jowar, rice or bajra flour or multigrain atta. You could try gluten-free samosas with banana flour, mixed with some of these other healthier attas. Since they lack gluten, the rotis for the samosa will turn out smaller, so you’ll have bite-size healthy samosa.

Sneak veggies into the flour

When kneading the flour to make your samosas, you could sneak in a cup or two of any vegetable puree of your choice – from beetroots to spinach, almost anything would work. Or lentils (dal). Not only will these colourful samosas be a hit at your next party, but will also have all your guests guessing how they’ve got their bright colours. Husssh…the secret stays with you!

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