How One Woman’s Peeled Orange Meme Sparked Off ‘Follow Me For More Recipes’ Trend

This is what happens when you watch too many cooking shows

Annabelle D’Costa

Remember the time when wannabe cooks queued up for insults on Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter? For years now, brave Tweeple have been sharing their kitchen experiments with the king of Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay to judge – and judge he did. Proving that he knows how to roast people just as a slice of fine cut meat, food wasn’t the only thing that was getting burnt.

Food enthusiasts are at it again! When Twitter user @SreeBasu84 posted two pictures one of an orange, another of the same fruit peeled, in no time the tweet went viral, and receiving over 1,000+ retweets. Tweeple have been having a field day showing off their own cooking skills or rather the lack of it by posting two pictures; the first showing an ingredient and the second, the final dish with a "follow me for more recipes" caption. We blame the bevy cooking shows out there—from
MasterChef India to Netflix’s The Final Table—whetting our appetites and encouraging us to don the chef’s toque.

Keeping their #FoodGame strong, Twitter and Instagram users have since been posting pictures of unpeeled- peeled banana, whole-sliced sausage side by side, thereby displaying their quick, easy, no-cook, no-bake recipes that can be followed by even the most amateur cook.

In case you’ve been second-doubting your own cooking skills, scroll down for some easy recipes and #cookinginspo:


Creative by Vartika Pahuja 


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