How Michael Clarke’s Diet Led Him to Win the World Cup

The inspirational batsman and leader shares his fitness and diet secrets.


As captain of the Australian cricket team, Michael Clarke lets his valiant willow do the talking. His career was punctuated by fine achievements, and the downside was a fair share of chronic back injuries.

We clearly remember that in early 2015 he got people talking when he posted on social media: “While you sleep, I train. While you eat, I train. While you party, I train. February 21 is my goal.” Clarke was talking about strict fitness regime before the then World Cup where he eventually led his country to win the trophy.

Speaking of that time, the classy batsman said, “I’ve always believed the food you put in your body is important. You need a combination of the right fuel and hard disciplined training to get the best out of yourself. During that time, I was coming back from a major surgery and I was trying to get myself fit for the World Cup. It was important for me that no stone was left unturned.” When it came to his diet, “I’ve always been pretty disciplined with the fuel I put in my system. Everything would almost be the same and sometimes I would just add more balanced carbohydrate foods including fresh veggies and lean meats,” Clarke shared.

And things are no different now, post retirement. Revealing his routine, he added, “I still try and keep fit and there is never a day when I am not busy.
A usual day in my life would be to wake up at 5am, go about my cardio from 5:30 to 6:30am, move on to gym or strength training from 8:30-9:30am. I attend to my business relations from 10am to 4pm.”

Another project that keeps him busy is The Michael Clarke Cricket Academy. “It has been a great success so far and very fulfilling. The Academy was built to give talented individuals from all around the world the opportunity to grow and learn from not only myself, but also some of the greatest coaches.”

As much as he misses playing professional cricket and being the captain who took the game on, and emerged with an enviable record in both spheres, Clarke is enjoying the retirement phase. “From 4pm onwards, I am back home with my wife and daughter to enjoy some quality family time. This wasn’t possible earlier,” he signs off.

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