Make white butter or makhhan the old-fashioned way.

American chef and author Julia Child famously said, "With enough butter, anything is good" and we have to admit -- a dollop of makhhan does actually make anything taste heavenly! Add to that, pure homemade butter without any additives or preservatives tastes better than the packaged slab of butter from stores.

You may think making makhhan at home is a cumbersome affair but it's relatively easy with ordinary kitchen tools. You can easily learn how to make butter from scratch with this step-by-step guide. All you need is milk cream, cold water, a blender or mixer and a strainer.

1. Begin by collecting the cream (malai) from the milk you boil every day. Store it in the freezer. Once you have enough, you can start the process. You will need about two to three cups of the cream.

2. Blend the cream in a food processor or mixer. Before you begin blending, make sure it's only half-full as the cream might overflow once air is whipped to it.

3. On blending, the cream will begin to thicken a little. Continue blending for about 10 to 15 minutes -- the time depends on the amount of cream you have used and the type of mixer you are using.

4. The consistency will first change to that of whipped cream and then it will begin to break down and start forming clumps. Stop blending when the cream begins to stick to the whisk paddle of your processor.

5. Place a strainer over a clean bowl and pour the contents of the mixing bowl into it. The solid clumps (butter) will collect in the strainer and the liquid (buttermilk) will strain into the bowl.

6. Rinse the butter with cold water to get rid of the remaining buttermilk and strain it once again.

7. With the back of a wide spatula, start pressing the butter into the side of a clean bowl. Remove the excess buttermilk from this bowl, add more cold water, rinse and repeat this process multiple times till you get clear water oozing out of the butter.

8. Transfer the butter in a jar. The cool thing about making butter at home is that you can season it with salt or herbs of your choice to enhance the flavour.

9. Store it in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life. You can use this butter for baking or as a spread. It will give your food rich and creamier taste.

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