Home Cooking: Keeping Everybody Sane During the Lockdown

Home cooking in the times of coronavirus.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought families together but has also urged people to try new things. One of them seems to be cooking. Be it your family WhatsApp group or celebrities you see on social media, everyone's turned into a chef. There are celebrities who are active on TikTok and Instagram, showing what they’re eating all day. Some of them even share family secrets and easy recipes.

Deepika Padukone cooked up a mean Thai Green curry and Thai salad, and Ranveer Singh can vouch for that. Alia Bhatt showcased her baking skills through a well-baked banana bread. Celebs like Twinkle Khanna and Juhi Chawla showcased their organic produce grown at home whereas Sameera Reddy seemed busy whipping up dishes with her mother-in-law. Meanwhile, leading nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is taking this time to share her knowledge and easy recipes about different foods and their benefits.

Then there is #FridgeChallenge, where people all over the country are sharing their dishes made entirely out of the contents present in their fridge. This challenge may seem difficult, but Rocky and Mayur of Highway on My Plate fame, are making the most of it. Even world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver is sharing his tricks to make home cooking more exciting and delicious.

While home cooking is always preferred over ordering in from restaurants, thanks to the coronavirus, people are taking a liking towards easy recipes like biscuit cake or homemade cake or even a cake without an oven—the no-bake cake.


One of the easiest and convenient no-bake cakes, the biscuit cake is trending everywhere thanks to the easy availability of biscuits or cookies in one’s pantry. It is an easy way to satiate one’s sweet tooth. With an easy recipe and a minimum number of ingredients, biscuit cake can be made by a novice cook. All you need is:

1 packet of your favourite biscuits
1 cup of milk
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup of sugar
dry fruits for garnish

Mix it all together just like we do for a cake, and your biscuit cake dough is ready! Now place it in a baking tin or a flat-bottomed container. You can let it cook in a pressure cooker for about 40 minutes.

Not everyone has an oven at their disposal. That’s when a cake without oven comes to the rescue. For decades, cakes were being baked in pressure cookers in India. Baking a cake in a pressure cooker can be more complicated than using the pre-set timings and functions of an oven but they are equally delicious.

So, if you have not tried these easy recipes or cooked what the celebs are cooking, now is the time. Let the home cooking sessions begin!


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