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Shraddha Varma

Say yes to food with benefits! To stay en vogue with the superfood trend, The Daily Bar And Kitchen has launched an all-new menu that will prove that superfoods are not only healthy, but finger licking delicious too! Don’t think twice before trying this new menu that does the balancing act of packing in nutrients and flavours to serve you the best of both worlds. With several apprehensions in our minds – a major one being: can healthy food taste good - we headed to the restaurant on a weekday afternoon and devoured the menu to spill the beans for you.

What’s Hot

Look and feel

While there’s no dearth of health food eateries in Bandra, the Daily Bar and Kitchen calls for your attention with its Eastern European monochrome look. The copper lights and black-and-white interiors create an atmosphere that is both cozy and mesmerising at the same time.

The unique theme of the restaurant, sharing feel-good news stories on a ‘daily’ basis, is another highlight. From the alfresco section to the bar area, and even the washrooms, the restaurant has positive news stories - which are changed almost weekly - either hanging from its ceiling or framed beautifully on the walls. What adds to the overall experience is the EDM playing in the background.


From juices to salads to smoothie bowls and more—the superfood menu at The Daily Bar and Kitchen has an impressive variety of drinks and dishes to choose from. If you are game for a wholesome lunch, start with a gulp of a refreshing drink. We picked Hydrate, a drink made with coconut water, lemongrass, apple cider vinegar, fresh turmeric, and ginger. We’ve all been told about the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated. While a plain glass of water can fulfil our hydration needs, it’s always nice to add some flavour to water and sip on more glasses. This drink is a great alternative since it comes packed with minerals, vitamins, and a lot of electrolytes. Nutrients aside, the drink is also a treat with its mélange of spicy, sweet, and nutty flavours.

When it comes to salads, our pick was the no-dairy salad, Surf & Turf. A healthy and exotic blend of black rice, half fried egg, bits of bacon, edamame, green onions, and carrots, we loved the juicy bacon, we absolutely loved the crunch of fresh veggies. The best part about this dish was the dressing that wasn’t too overpowering, which is the case with most salads.

Once we were done with the salad and drink, we moved to the main course— Philly Cheese Stuffed Chicken and Supergrain Pasta. Think cream cheese stuffed chicken breast placed on a bed of perfectly spiced grilled vegetables, and moutarde sauce (a combination of béchamel sauce and dry mustard), poured over it. The highlight of this dish is not just the textures, but the fact that each element of the dish was cooked without sacrificing its natural flavours. No surprises for guessing that we mopped the plate clean! Coming to the Supergrain Pasta, it was a flavour bomb! Made with gluten-free pasta, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, pickles, toasted walnuts, bocconcini, and basil and moringa tapenade (a savoury paste), this one was a guilt-free meal.

While digging into dessert makes for the obvious next course, we decided to dig into two smoothie bowls instead– Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate and Tropical Bowl – to do justice to the healthy menu. Of the two, the tropical bowl with fresh fruits, hung curd, granola, flax seeds, and more, called us out with no added sugar or water. The zingy flavours of fresh fruits is what worked best to end the meal.

The lunch came to an end with a much-needed detox drink—a lemonade with activated charcoal. It tastes just like the usual lemonade, not too sweet nor savoury, but with a hint of charcoal. For the uninitiated, the charcoal lemonade gives you a toxin-free inside as it pulls out unwanted toxins out of your system.

What’s not

The Supergrain Pasta was a flavour bomb, but we couldn’t get over the overcooked pasta. and some ingredients tasted a bit bland – such as the tomatoes or broccoli. While we don’t mind relishing the natural flavours of the veggies, a bit of seasoning can make the overall experience better.

Overall, it was a healthy and hearty meal at The Daily Bar and Kitchen. The superfood menu is well-planned and also has options for those following keto and vegan diets. What impressed us the most was their art of making healthy food taste good and the prompt service.

Where: SV Road, Bandra West, 400 050


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