Gulab Jamun Inspired Desserts in Mumbai

Chefs reimagine the gulab jamun in a whole new way!

Priya Prakasan

Gulab jamun, the bite-sized dessert filled with cardamom-flavoured sugary syrup, is an Indian sweet dish everyone loves. This melt-in-your-mouth Indian sweet dish is said to be originally inspired from the Turkish sweet dumplings called Luqmat Al-Qadi.

Traditionally, the gulab jamun recipe was prepared by making the mawa from scratch. But now, most people rely on instant readymade mix to make gulab jamun at home or just buy them from the nearest sweet shop. If you're planning to make the gulab jamun recipe at home, these expert tips will come in handy. Also, did you know you can enjoy gulab jamun with a savoury twist as well? This Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi Recipe will tell you more. 

The classic Indian sweet dish has inspired chefs to reimagine the gulab jamun into a whole new dessert. Check out the following places in Mumbai that serve gulab jamun in a unique way.

Gulab Jamun or Doughnut? 

Most people love gulab jamun, Old Monk and doughnuts. The Bombay Canteen brought the ingredients together in one dessert. Their deconstructed version of gulab jamun, called Gulab Nut, grabbed a lot of attention and not without reason. This dessert is a doughnut-shaped gulab jamun soaked in dark rum and filled with pistachio cream. Executive chef and partner, Thomas Zacharias, says, "Gulab Nut has been on our menu since day one. We wanted to showcase the most favourite and popular Indian sweer dish in a fun way. What you ultimately get on the plate is a decadent--but not overly sweet--doughnut-shaped gulab jamun." 

Baked Gulab Jamun 

Gulab jamun is usually paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream but have you ever tried it with some yummy rabri? Well, Glocal Junction serves a baked version of gulab jamun with rabri. Chef Amit Bajaj came up with this unique version of the Indian sweet dish wherein he bakes freshly made gulab jamun with chilled rabri until the top layer is caramelised. This is then served with some chopped pistachios and silver vark

Gulab Jamun with Nutella 

Everyone with a sweet tooth will love and approve of this version of gulab jamun. The Lower Parel outlet of Punjab Grill offers the best of both worlds by dishing out this delicious Indian sweet dish in their own unique way. Their sugar syrup dripping gulab jamun comes with a surprise inside! They serve their gulab jamuns with a hint of white chocolate, Nutella, some honey and bits of almonds and pistachios.

Gulab Jamun Waffles 

Everyone loves a good fluffy and golden-brown waffle, they are so versatile that you can pair them with savoury as well as something sweet. So, if you are a huge fan of waffles then you should definitely head to The Waffle Tree to have their one-of-a-kind waffle called Shahi Tukda! Shahi Tukda, also called Double Ka Meetha, is originally a rich Hyderabadi dessert made with fried bread, condensed milk and dry fruits. But The Waffle Tree offers you a yummy mix of rabri, rose syrup and gulab jamun with some pistachio crumbs sandwiched between waffles.

Some More 

MTV Flyp served gulab jamun cheesecake, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu offered gulab jamun crème brûlée and Binge On Cafe served gulab jamun custard. While the trend of making fusion desserts with gulab jamun was adopted by these eateries, it seems their patrons are strict fans of the classic gulab jamun. When these fusion desserts didn't receive much love, they were dropped from the menu.


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