Grandpa Who Cooked Gigantic Meals in His Country Kitchen, Bids Goodbye

The large portions he cooked were distributed among the less fortunate

Annabelle D’Costa

Internet's favourite grandpa, who cooked big hearty meals for the underprivileged on an open stove in a village deep in Telangana, is no more. Narayan Reddy, the 73-year-old behind Grandpa Kitchen, did not let any cookbook decide the recipe or measurement of his ingredients. Dressed in crisp-white clothes that matched his moustache, he cooked local Indian dishes or sometimes, even lasagne and doughnuts, the freshly cooked food was then distributed among the less fortunate, orphans and homeless people. His motto was simple: “Loving. Caring. Sharing” . 

‘Grandpa’ passed away on October 27 in Telangana. However, the news of his death broke out only on October 31, when his family uploaded an emotional ‘tribute” video on the Grandpa Kitchen YouTube channel, showing Reddy draped in flowers and being peacefully laid to rest after an elaborate funeral procession.

Reddy and his family uploaded their first video in August 2017, under the title "King Of 2000 EGGS”, which has since then garnered more than 2.6 million views. This grandpa shot to fame on account of his kind deeds – that of cooking vast meals along with his grandchildren, which, along with the proceeds of the channel would go to feed the less fortunate and homeless people living on the outskirts of Hyderabad. In addition to feeding the hungry, grandpa’s channel was also responsible for sharing easy recipes, ranging from local to global along with traditional cooking methods and techniques. Cooking food on an open fire, grandpa was able to connect with a wide global audience. No surprise then that his most popular video till date is his recipe for French Fries. Here are a few more memorable recipes from Grandpa's kitchen. 

Sambar Rice or Bisi Bele Bath Recipe

A staple South Indian fare, Sambar Sadam or Sambar Rice is comfort food in its purest form. The combination of rice, sambar and vegetables cooked together is pretty much similar to bisi bele bath. Grandpa shows you how you can skillfully master this pot of comfort. 

Macaroni Pasta

Move over Mac-and-cheese. Watch grandpa give a masaledar twist to Mac. With plenty of veggies so nobody is complaining! 

Bamboo Chicken


This recipe has grandpa cooking chicken curry by stuffing the chicken in bamboo on an open fire, and making it look breezy.  This oil-free recipe is proof that Reddy was all for healthy cooking and eating!

No-bake fudge brownie

There's a reason why Reddy was popular among kids! Whoever would say no to this gooey, chocolatey, fudgy brownie, as he called it. In this grandpa ditches the conventional oven and instead opts for an open fire. 

Red Velvet Cake

Nothing compares to the joy of eating a slice of cake! Watch grandpa make a cake minus the oven, without any formal training, beating the modern-day bakers with his traditional cooking skills.  

Image: YouTube 



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