Give Your Leftover Tandoori Chicken a Makeover

Don't know what to do with last night's chicken tandoori?

Priya Prakasan

There are times when ordering take away seems more convenient than to toil in the kitchen. The advent of mobile apps specialising in food delivery has made this even more simplified. Sometimes on such occasions you end up ordering food more than you need. Result? Leftovers from different takeaways sitting in your refrigerator. You should definitely consider rescuing these dishes and making something new.

If you had smoky tandoori chicken over the weekend and have leftover tandoori chicken in your refrigerator, here are some ways you can revive your favourite dish. You can use these expert-shared tips to easily reuse the leftover chicken tandoori pieces and prepare chicken tandoori sandwich, chicken tandoori salad, chicken tandoori lollipops and more.

Butter Chicken  

This obviously is a no-brainer because tandoori chicken is an integral part of butter chicken in the first place! You can easily turn the leftover tandoori chicken to make a rich butter chicken. Simply shred the tandoori chicken, remove the bones and then use it to make rich and mildly spiced butter chicken curry that can be served with steamed rice, butter naan or chapati. (Tips to reuse leftover butter chicken)

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich 

Fix yourself a sandwich with the leftover tandoori chicken. Shred the meat off the bones from the leftover tandoori chicken, slather on freshly made homemade chutney on fresh bread. Then stack the shredded tandoori chicken with lettuce, onion slices, tomato slices. You can also use mayonnaise instead of green chutney to add a twist to your tandoori chicken sandwich.

Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta 

Looking to whip up an easy evening snack, then we suggest you make a quick tandoori chicken bruschetta. Usually bruschetta uses sliced of grilled bread loaded with a variety of toppings such as beans, tomato or any meat. You can replace the bread slices with a cracker biscuit. You can make a wet mix using chopped onion, tomatoes, green chilies, coriander, lime juice, chaat masala and some homemade chutney. Pile it on the cracker with chopped leftover tandoori chicken and serve. (Learn how to make paneer bruschetta)

Tandoori Chicken Caesar Salad 

Go healthy with a tandoori chicken Caesar salad. You can whip up a quick Caesar salad using the chicken bits from the leftover tandoori chicken. The spicy grilled chicken will elevate your typical salad of lettuce, and croutons with salad dressing made from lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, Parmesan cheese and black pepper dressing. If you do not have time to prepare the salad dressing from scratch, you can use the store-bought Caesar salad dressing and use it instead. 

Tandoori Chicken Wrap 

Need a snack on-the-go? Then tandoori chicken wrap is the perfect snack that you can prepare in a jiffy. Knead a small portion of dough using some refined flour and roll it into thin tortillas. Cook them on pan and make wraps by stacking minced tandoori chicken pieces, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and onion with some yogurt sauce (You can also use leftover chapatis). Roll it and serve it with some freshly made green chutney

(Here is a step-by-step guide to make yummy tandoori chicken lollipop)
With inputs from chef Mikhail Shahani, Charcoal Eats


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