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Work deadlines, virtual meetings, household chores and kids, all together can really suck the air out of someone. As most of us remain locked at home due to the lockdown put in place after the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, there’s a lot to manage. To top it all, the summer heat is getting unbearable, and the last thing one wants, right now, is to spend too much time cooking in the sweltering climes of a kitchen.

To save you the trouble, we’ve got a flavour-packed collection of quick and easy summer recipes by chef Ranveer Brar, including traditional fruit salads, and superfood lassis, which take less than 30 minutes. Have a fun-tastic summer!

Melon and mango dhokla salad

Got leftover dhokla? Give it a fruity makeover with chef Brar’s dhokla salad Marinate dhokla and pine nuts in a mixture of chopped raw mango, watermelon, mango pulp, mint leaves, red chilli powder and salt. Once done, stack all ingredients on a serving plate and finishes the melon and mango dhokla salad with crushed roasted papad, cherry tomatoes and mint foam.


Sasam is a juicy, sweet, spicy and tangy fruit salad. A specialty from Maharashtra's Konkan region, it contains bite-sized chunks of grapes, mango, and pineapple tossed in a flavourful masala made using fresh coconut, mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida. Brar suggests you serve it cold.

Tamatar ke Kulle

Packed with Vitamin C, tomato is an easily available immunity-boosting food. Chef Brar gives the fruit an innovative spin with this appetiser. For it, you need to scoop out the pulp from a tomato and stuff it with tofu and a mixture of minced soya granules and spices, like turmeric, cumin and nutmeg. Sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and bake for about 3-4 minutes. Serve your tamatar ke kulle with a corn and lettuce salad. 

Nabhi wali Machchi

Trust chef Brar to introduce you to the rarest of recipes plucked from India’s rich culinary history. Nabhi wali machchi is a dish Brar discovered in Mussorrie at the summer house of the monarch of Nabha,a town in Punjab and former princely state. Inspired by Kashmir’s gaad nadur, this recipe comprises fried fish in a tangy lotus stem curry. For Ghar Sa Yummy, the culinary expert cooks pieces of kingfish, but you can use any firm-bodied local fish.


North India’s go-to food during summers, sattu is a flour made using roasted Bengal gram It’s a superfood known to improve digestion, increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. It is popularly consumed as a sherbet. To make the healthy drink, combine sattu, cumin powder, black salt, rock salt, dry mango powder, and black pepper in an earthen pot and garnish with coriander leaves and onion.

Kalakand ki Lassi

Chef Brar combines two traditional milk recipes to make this cooling kalakand ki lassi. The recipe is simple: in an earthen pot, whisk together kalankand, curd and water. Once done, pour it into a glass and garnish with pistachios. Et voila! The simple summer recipe is ready!


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