Get A Taste Of Jharkhand With This Dhuska Recipe

If you thought Jharkhand is only famous for Dhoni, you haven’t met Dhuska, the state’s delicacy

In Jharkhand, celebrations are synonymous with Dhuska, a traditional deep fried snack. Also known as Dhooska in some parts of the state, this yummy snack is quite a hit on the streets and usually served alongside some mouth-watering kala channa or dried green pea ghugni. However, spicy aloo or chutney too make for a great accompaniment to dhuska’s basic yet distinct taste. Typically prepared by grinding rice and lentil, other ingredients such as onions, green chilli, coriander and/or turmeric powder also find their way into the preparations helping improve the flavour and taste. After all, when it comes to food, less is always more.

Waking up to a plate of hot dhuskas on a lazy morning can help spice up the rest of the day. However, these pancakes can also be enjoyed as an evening time snack. Weight-watchers can dive into these savoury treats by skipping the deep fry process and pan prying them instead.

Whether or not you’re a pro in the kitchen, dhuska doesn’t require any special preparations and can be mastered by anyone and everyone. 


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