Fruits and Spices are Baker Shivesh Bhatia's Winter Inspo

Desserts that feel like a warm hug on a cold wintry day!

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Shivesh Bhatia's fondest memory of winter is the comforting fragrance of chocolate cake that his naani' baked. He remembers the delicious aroma of caramalised sugar wafting through the home, and he can still recall the thrill of digging into a warm slice topped with vanilla ice cream. 

Those food memories inspire him to create winter treats that are hugely popular on his blog,

Bake With Shivesh


naani’s baking wasn’t very fancy. She baked simple basic desserts, but they were special because she made them with love and patience, something which I try to imbibe in my own recipes,” shares the young baker who became an Instagram sensation while still in college.

Cut to the present, Bhatia finds himself obsessed with strawberries and oranges, which make an appearance in winter. Making a case for strawberries, he says, “They’re tart and can balance sweetness.” He credits oranges for their ability to add a natural hue to desserts, in addition to adding a fresh flavour to winter bakes. 

Winter is a good time to experiment with spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. They lend warmth and comfort to the baked goodies. “Desserts that feel like a warm hug,” he chuckles.

Here are five of Shivesh Bhatia’s favourite winter picks:

Strawberry and Fig Galette
Strawberry and Fig Galette

I love galettes for the simple fact that they are rustic, beautiful and are simpler to make when compared to pies,” he writes on his blog. For this recipe he uses strawberries and


, which according to Shivesh have “honey-like sweetness with a hint of berry and they go perfectly with the strawberries in this recipe.”

This recipe is made using whole wheat flour and rolled oats instead of maida – in case you’re into healthy stuff. You’re just one click away from getting your hands on Bhatia’s

Strawberry and Fig Galette recipe.

Vegan Orange Loaf Cake 

Vegan Orange Loaf Cake 
The best way to go about this recipe is by using good-quality oranges and fresh extract, as both could go a long way in determining the texture and flavour of your loaf cake. “I like to use a combination of brown sugar and organic white sugar, because I love the flavour and texture that they give to the cake,” says his blog. You can top this

Vegan Orange Loaf Cake

with orange flavoured whipped cream or even an orange glaze.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake
“I like my lava cakes with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream and some fresh raspberries!” he writes on his blog, Bake With Shivesh. While the original recipe calls for cookie butter, Bhatia’s cool hack involves substituting it with peanut butter or Nutella.

As with his other recipes, he recommends using castor sugar as it tends “to give your cakes or any other dessert more volume and a beautiful, lighter texture.” In case you’re out of castor sugar or for some reason can’t source it, your

Chocolate Lava Cake recipe

could also be saved by “simply grind(ing) granulated sugar in a food processor for a couple of minutes.”

Carrot Cake Donuts

Vegan Orange Loaf Cake 
“Carrot produce is the best in winters and if you are not utilising it in your baking, trust me when I say this- you are letting go of excellent dessert recipes!” reads his blog. For his healthier alternative to the other-wise deep-fried treat, he recommends opting for light brown sugar instead of a dark brown variant. “The dark version of brown sugar has a more complex taste and will entirely change the taste of the recipe,” writes the blogger-Instagrammer. In case you’re aiming for donuts with texture, finely grate your carrots, otherwise, grate them coarsely, he recommends. The best way to enjoy your

Carrot Cake Donuts

is by coating the fresh-out-of-the-oven donuts in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, he thinks!

Oat Apple Crumble Bars

Oat Apple Crumble Bars
Made using whole-wheat, oats and no sugar, these bars also make for breakfast, as Bhatia recommends. Sticky, warm and gooey, these bars feature three layers—a  crumble made of wheat and oat flour dough, an apple filling and honey-flavoured wheat and oat flour dough. The warm and spicy tones of cinnamon and ginger powder too find their way into his filling for the

Oat Apple Crumble Bars


Another quick tip that he shares: “Make sure you don’t cook the filling on the stove too much as it will continue to cook inside the oven.”

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