From Now till December, Major Indian Food Festivals That You Must Visit

Love food? Must visit!

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Whether you are 14 and want a place to hang out with your buddies or you are 40 and looking for a place to eat good grub and drink a chilled beer, food festivals have something for everyone. 

For a true blue food lover, food festivals serve as an excellent place for you to explore local and global cuisines, all under one roof. In India, March and April seems to be the golden period for hosting food festivals, you still have eight options to check out before the year ends.

From the Asian food festival to a festival dedicated exclusively to India’s diverse street food, you will be spoilt for choice.  

Mei Ramew, Meghalaya

There is a lot to love about Meghalaya, and the local food takes precedence. At the Mei Ramew festival is organised by North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society in an effort to showcase and raise awareness about local food production, consumption and preparation practices. At this food festival, you get to taste some of the most exquisite authentic delicacies prepared by the local communities. 


November 2019 (tentative)

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National Street Food Festival, New Delhi 

A visit to New Delhi is incomplete without sampling its food; and then falling in love with it. The National Street Food Festival celebrates just that spirit by bringing together thousands of food connoisseurs from across the country, and even globally to try a diverse range of f Indian street food. Around 500 best street food vendors from across the country travel for this festival to put up a show. Get ready to gorge on spicy momos and tasty samosas.


December 2019

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Asian Hawkers Market, New Delhi 

As the name suggests, the three-day Asian Hawkers Market brings you the best of not just Indian but Asian food. Think tasty treats from Cambodia, China, and much more. Asian Hawkers Market loyalists, however, swear by the Thai and Vietnamese offerings, so be sure to try those out.


November 2019 

Sattvik Food Festival, Ahmedabad

An Ahmedabad-based NGO SRISTI organises the Sattvik Food Festival. This festival aspires to put the lesser known but nutrient-rich food from various states in the limelight allowing urban communities to adopt healthier food habits and lifestyle. Step in to get treated by over 75 food stalls serving the best sattvic food from around the country. From the basic soya cutlets to the fusion of oats tikki chaat, you’ll have a bunch of choices.


December 2019

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Horn OK Please, New Delhi 

You need to be a die-hard foodie to attend the Horn Ok Please Festival because, COME ON! Bringing together the best treats, this food truck festival calls for a good face stuffing sesh! And once you are done, go check out the various activities that the festival offers—from skateboarding to bull riding, you’ll never experience a dull moment. 


November 2019

Ahare Bangla, Kolkata

Started by the Government of West Bengal, the Ahare Bangla Festival aims to create awareness about Bengali food beyond macher jhol and rosogolla—think Tangra Macher Jhol and Mishti Doi amongst other things. The week-long festival also hosts a fair with loads of entertaining events and activities. Be sure to check the timings before as they have specific time slots for lunch, dinner and snacks.


October 2019

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GoBuzzinga Momo Festival, New Delhi 

All your Delhi peeps reading this, hi-five! Dedicated solely to momos—they serve more than 300 varieties of momos—this place needs to be on your list. Not convinced? Well here’s what’s on offer: kurkure momos, vodka momos, rogan josh momos, chocolate momos... should we go on?


October 2019

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Palate Fest, New Delhi 

Delhi takes the cake (or should we say chaat?) when it comes to celebrating food festivals. Palate Fest, a three-day-long festival held in the capital city, brings some of the best restaurants in one place. From local food stalls to five-star hotels all participate to offering experiences such as cookery classes or workshops, and pop-up restaurants. While you are enjoying your meal, watch out for a variety of live performances from artists across the county.


15-17 November 2019

Dates mentioned are subject to change.



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