From Chimichangas to Shawarma, Here’s What Marvel Superheroes Love to Chow Down

A homage to the legendary Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel universe.

Sayoni Bhaduri

Comic book genius and creator of the Marvel universe, Stan Lee passed away on November 12. Lee, who died at the grand old age of 95, continued to play an active role in his ‘Marvel’lous Empire. The comic book artist, editor, producer and publisher started out at Timely Comics, predecessor of Marvel Comic, in 1939, and through the ranks to become the face of the brand. His heroes have the appealing quality of being humans with flaws, who struggled with the power and responsibility their superpowers presented, endearing them to fans around the world. In the 1970s, Lee defied the Comics Code Authority and wrote an anti-drug storyline. He is also famously known to be part of Marvel films in a cameo role.

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We dug into the archives for a fitting homage to the grand creator of numerous superheroes’ and their gastronomic guilty pleasures.

Chimichangas and Deadpool


The fast-talking gun and sword-slinging antihero, Deadpool/Wade Wilson has a soft spot for Mexican cuisine. He is known to devour Tacos with the same gusto as Enchiladas. But Chimichangas (also known as burritos) are BAE for Deadpool—he loves the taste, and its phonetics cause it’s fun to say. 

Passion for (fast) food is a key trait for Deadpool, the only character to break the fourth wall. Mexican fast-food aside, he is also quite discerning about the foods he favours. He loves pancakes and pizzas but absolutely detests pickles in his hamburgers! Deadpool also happens to be an emotional and stress eater. DND!

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Aunt May’s Wheat Cake and Cherry Pie; Spider Man


May Reilly or Aunt May has always been Peter Parker/Spider Man’s true support system. She has not only taken care of him, but has also been the voice of reason during times of despair. There is one dish that Parker swears by—wheatcakes. This wholewheat cousin of pancake is healthier and denser. There is even an official recipe in Untold Tales of Spider-Man, published in 1996. Although the most recent Aunt May (played by Marissa Tomei), breaks away from the homebody and cooking genius mould.

The young superhero’s love for good food isn’t limited to his aunt’s cooking. As a matter of fact, in the 2018 edition of the Spider-Man video game for PlayStation 4 has young Parker confessing to Mary Jane that he wants a career change and is considering being a chef. To which, Mary Jane offers encouragement saying, “You make a hell of a chicken curry.” The game also has the original recipe of Aunt May’s wheatcakes as well as a dumpling recipe. Peter Parker is also known to have a soft spot for Cherry Pies.

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Saved by a Slice of Apple Pie; Captain America


In the May 1980 issue of the Cap’ solo comic book, Captain America The Calypso Connection, restaurant owner Slim, serves a slice of Apple Pie to the super-soldier hoping that Captain America “lives up to his reputation as an American living legend.” After all there has to be some truth in the saying ‘as American as apple pie’.

Did you know, Captain America also did endorsements? In the 1970s, the parent company of the famous Twinkies, the cream filled sponge cake snacks, Hostess Cakes (now known as Hostess Brands) got Marvel’s super-soldier Captain America to promote Twinkies and other baked goodies in a typical comic book format.

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Tony Stark’s Cravings


A man with unprecedented means, billionaire-scientist and entrepreneur Tony Stark has some of the simplest cravings. In the first Iron Man film, after coming back home from Afghanistan, where he was held as a hostage, Stark craves for an American Cheeseburger (from Burger King). He then goes on to address a press conference and declares that he is shutting down Stark Industries weapons manufacturing division. In the second installment of the stand-alone franchise, Iron Man is seen sitting and munching on a donut, inside a giant sculpture of a donut belonging to the brand Randy’s Donut. The most memorable of all of Stark/Iron Man’s food association is at the end of The Avengers, when he manages to send back The Chitauris to their dimension with a death-defying feat—he craves for Shawarma and suggests that they all get one after the battle. Living true to all Marvel franchise films, after the end credit of the film, The Avengers team is seen sitting around a table, somberly munching on the Middle Eastern wrap.
Stark is also known to have alcoholic tendencies, which are played out in a nine-issue story, Demon in A Bottle, from The Invincible Iron Man series. Even in the films, there are innumerable number of sparkling wine and Champagne bottles that have been popped. Not to mention the epic scene where he berates Asgardian Loki as he sips on a Single Malt, in the first The Avengers film.

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Break Open a Beer with Wolverine


The brooding and Adamantium-enforced Wolverine, is often seen sitting at a bar nursing a pint of beer in his hand. After the death of Jean Grey, Wolverine’s great love, he is also heavily dependent on alcohol. The massive silver lining is the fact that Wolverine has fast healing abilities that protect his body from alcohol and smoke abuse (remember the cigar he smokes?).
A man of the soil, it doesn’t take much to satiate his stomach—beer, chips and burger are all that he needs. In the X-Men film franchise and stand-alone films, Wolverine is not seen spending too much time around food but in the comic books he definitely has a soft spot for burgers. He also enjoys lavish meals at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters on several occasions.

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Human Foods for Thor


The blonde-haired Norse god of thunder and Asgardian heartthrob, Thor relishes gastronomic pleasures, whether it be a grand banquet in Jotunheim or a cup of joe at a diner in New Mexico. Thor has a tremendous appetite that he can wolf down an entire box of Pop Tarts, an American brand of toaster pastries, and still have space for more. And of course, as befitting to a god, Thor can also chug on brewed beverages, mead on Asgard and beer on Earth—case in point is when Dr Strange refills his rather large mug of beer in Thor Ragnarok. He quite relishes the Shawarma in The Avengers as well.

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