Four Tutorials To Watch To Give Your Home a Makeover While on Quarantine

Make your home cosier and comfier.

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Although most interior-decorating businesses are closed, quarantine may be one of the best times to give some extra attention to your home decor.  As the coronavirus pandemic forces many of us to work from home, this transition may require you to maximize the space that you have in order to create an environment that you can happily spend time alone in.

While searches for "deep cleaning tips" skyrocket on Pinterest, here is a selection of four videos and tutorials that will inspire you to improve your new live/work space.

Urban Jungle Room Makeover

Whether you live in a small apartment or in a shared flat, introducing plants into your interior can serve an aesthetic and practical purpose. Some research has suggested that houseplants can help remove air toxins, while also improving concentration and productivity. It's time to create your own plant sanctuary.

Remote Work Office Tour

As working from home can be distracting, creating a designated work area is essential for maximizing your efficiency. Setting up a working environment can make a surprising difference in your new daily routine, helping you stick to your schedule while keeping you away from the (bad) idea of wearing pyjamas all day long.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

The saying goes, "Tidy desk, tidy mind." Finding storage solutions is essential for remaining focused and productive in a space in which your office supplies stand among your personal belongings. Researchers at Princeton University suggest that clutter can actually make it more difficult to complete tasks efficiently.

Fridge Organisation

As the cornerstone of food storage, your refrigerator should be deep cleaned regularly. What better time to take on home improvement when you are stuck at home with few distractions?

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