Foods That Will Help You Kick the Butt

On World No Tobacco day, here are some quick ideas to help you stub the ciggie


This year, the World Health Organisation’s No Tobacco Day awareness campaign is on  "The secret's out: #TobaccoExposed." 

So we decided to jump in with some ideas in case your nicotine cravings have brought in the urge to light up! We will now go ahead and stump you with some figures: A staggering 1 billion people smoke tobacco, and tobacco kill more than 8 million people every year and is responsible for 25% of all cancer deaths globally. Shockingly, 1 million of these deaths are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke!

Did we hear "eyeroll"? Agreed, statistics have rarely motivated an addict to give up the addiction. But if you’re one of those who have walked a certain distance towards tobacco-free living, keep scrolling! We’ve listed a few foods that will bolster your efforts and help you along the way to better health.

Munch on Crunchy

To kill that urge to puff, you’ll want to keep your mouth busy and tummy full. “It helps to nibble on chewy and crunchy food. There’s chewing gum of course, but you could keep it interesting with crunchy carrots and cucumber sticks, or grab some popcorn,” says nutritionist Neelanjana Singh, president of the Delhi Chapter of Indian Diatetics Association.

Here's an easy-peasy butterscotch popcorn recipe:
Foods That Will Help You Kick the Butt

Eat Foods That Alter the Taste of Smoking

An unpleasant aftertaste is a huge turnoff. So, before you light up, grab something that will make you want to stop. Water is good, so is milk, says Singh. Some fresh fruit juices like tomato and orange will also do the job, and you are likely to not feel too good smoking after one. But be warned, don’t sip on sugary juices and packaged drinks, the sugar in them will fuel, rather than quell the urge.

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Don’t Stay Hungry

You’re less likely to smoke on a full tummy—hunger is counterproductive to your efforts to kick the habit. Tank up with whole foods—seasonal fruits, fresh veggies, millets and oats—these will keep you feeling full longer, and thus, cut the urge to reach out for a smoke. Whip up a smoothie to sip through the day, blend some whole fruits, oats and milk—it’ll do the job of keeping you full, and altering taste buds.

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Break the Connection with Pleasure

A good smoke loves sugar, coffee, chocolates, cola, alcohol. Spicy foods and meaty items also make good companions. Snap the connection. Have something light and wholesome, drink lemon water, fresh juices and mildly-flavoured foods, suggests Singh. If you don’t feed the craving, you’ve won half the battle.

Image conceptualised by Vartika Pahuja 


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