Food Ideas & Hacks When You’re Flying With a Toddler

Believe in the power of food over terrible-twos.

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Folks, with rising mercury levels, the holiday season for parents has officially arrived. So, wherever you are flying with your kiddo, we guarantee that you’ll have a stress-free flight, atleast in the food department.

Rolling out a few basic guidelines to help you ease through your must-carry list. 

Check with your airline

It’s always a good idea to check with your airline how much food you can carry, especially liquid items like formula and purees. Although most airlines are accommodating and allow a pack or two, it is recommended that you carry formula in powdered form and buy water at room temperature after security check. Airline staff is empathetic, and purees shouldn’t be a problem unless you exceed the quantity limit. 

What’s on the menu 

Infants either stay awake, look cute, sleep or bawl, and this is routine stuff. But, toddlers are opinionated and unpredictable, so you need to be prepared. Keep your secret recipe to pacify tantrums handy, and sometimes, as most moms will tell you, it’s ok to not know what to do when the little monster throws the tantrum of a lifetime. We suggest, pack some treats for the parents as well. We are hoping the airline serves wine! 

The thumb rule is to pack something non-messy, healthy and a stash of treats. Everything goes into small packets to ensure portion control. The treats will come in handy after the tantrum subsides. 

Although fresh and dry fruits are a mandate, definitely pack some cheat foods, such as healthy muffins and rajgira lollipops, even this yummy and easy-to-carry beetroot barfi. These banana chips will serve as a delicious substitute for their store-bought counterparts.

You can also make these quick granola bars – coconut with chocolate chips and oats with dry fruits. A sure shot hit with kids as well as adults. 

Your kids favourite sippy cup and cutlery along with a water-bottle and lunch box, will give you more reasons to keep the little one involved. 

Parathas, theplas and kokis are the non-messy alternatives to rolls, wraps and sandwiches.  

Let your toddler choose

If the little one is strong enough to carry a small backpack, there’s good news. Don’t confuse them with too many food options, just lay out their favourites and let them choose what they want. It just cuts the fuss and teaches a sense of responsibility. Also, kids love to behave like grown-ups and this is pretend play at its best. 

What to avoid

No juicy fruits such as mangoes, oranges and watermelon; grapes are an exception because they are easy to carry and eat. Bananas get easily squished and some have a strong smell which will be a nuisance to fellow passengers. 

You are travelling, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes, it is perfectly alright to indulge the child with a hunky chunk of chocolate and ask him to share it with you.   

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