Food Games to put the X back in the Sex

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Inarguably, two of life's greatest pleasures are food and sex. Luckily, the two are known to go together.

Whoever said you can't play-and eat-at the same time? Your bedroom is great for both. Just use your imagination-and your naughty vein as well. The latter isn't the latest highfalutin discovery from the scientific stable—it's a way of life that comes with owning your sexuality. Go find it, we say.

Like a wise man once said: great orgasms need patience, fair play and plenty of build up.

A quick tip though: keep the fine linen, silk sheets and satin pillow cases far, far away. Use a cotton cover you don't mind losing to the throes of passion.

Kiss under the goji string; cherry got your tongue?

Goji berries

: Decide to start the foreplay with a kiss under the goji string. Never mind X'mas or mistletoe—it works all year through as long as you put that imagination to good use. 

As the old Chinese proverb warns: "He who is a thousand miles from home should not eat Goji." But with your lover in sight, eat an ounce or two. 

No goji around?

Heck, cherries will do beautifully too. They are red and juicy and conspire to a single word—sex. Feed em, Cleopatra style, one by one and watch the red juice trickle on to err, everywhere. Go ahead, prod that imagination a little bit and bring in segments of juicy oranges—sweet and sour and irresistible. Just as great sex is supposed to be. Arrange them in a huge bowl with grapes for company too. Remember to take things nice and slow. There is something about a cherry squirted on waiting lips you know. 

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Love is sweet, sour..and sinful

Dark, sinful and red add up to sex. Heck, drizzling your lover with chocolate syrup-and feeding 'em a strawberry, courtesan-style is the ultimate bedroom classic. Chocolate encased strawberry works deliciously well. Results guaranteed. We suggest a box by your side—all the better to up that game of strip chess. (Whoever loses a move, removes a garment and feeds the other a chocolate dipped strawberry. And so it continues..)

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Sushi for m'lady?

Fans of Sex and the City…remember the iconic scene that has Samantha Jones lying naked by the pool with just sushi rolls placed on her strategically for effect ? Before you try the same, do find out if your partner likes Sushi or even Japanese cuisine for that matter. Whatever you do, skip the Wasabi sauce.

A safe bet is to go with good old red velvet cupcakes—that ultimate ode to old world romance. Oh, and a rose stem in the mouth. And lest you accuse us of sexism, allow us to state that it is both accepted and expected of gentlemen to seduce their ladies too. So, get to work and order the best already.

For those worthies looking to pop the question, nothing guarantees a yes more than a wildly creative proposal followed by killer sex. Don't believe us?

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The Oyster and Pearl trick

Arrange an oyster on ze ol' belly button—with a pearl ring thrown in and you have the perfect dose of sex with style. Be sure to keep them on ice and scrub the shells free of dirt and bacteria. There's a special oyster knife for the purpose.

The yes is guaranteed to be spontaneous and the session in the sack, long and satisfying.

Play those strings right

If striptease is your preferred mode of seduction, we suggest a simple sheet dress fastened together with strings of caramel popcorn, peanuts and candy. Let him eat his way through this one.

For those who like healthier options, we suggest veggies like cucumber, carrots and zucchini dipped in a pomegranate chutney for that dash of spice. A word of caution to the wise: spice is nice only in the mouth, and nowhere else. Aim correctly with this one. Ditto with sugary treats—they are known to cause yeast down there.

Testing times ahead

A variant of the strip-tease, feed your darling a mix of luscious and fragrant fruit. Ask them to guess the velvety mangoes and peaches from the tart berries and mouth-watering watermelon. Bite-sized sans the pits and peels, please.


Write a word on your partner's bare back with a stick dipped in honey or maple syrup—that they must guess correctly before you lick them away. If they get it right, they get a kiss or whatever else has been negotiated beforehand.

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Treasure hunt

Ask them to look for, find and feed you a list of 10 nuts you have hidden around the room-within 10 minutes. Freshly roasted and sugared almonds are yummy, but an assortment of nuts-from walnuts and pistachios to cashews and pecans will do as well. If they succeed, they get a reward. If not, you tease them some more.

Cheesy conversations

Quiz your partner on your favorite things to do in bed. For every correct answer, offer them a piece of toast on fork, dipped in melted cheese. For every wrong answer, you tell them what works for you instead. Heart to heart over cheese is fondue put to the best use possible. Conversation before the cavorting, we always say.

Top it all

Use all of your favorite cake and frozen yoghurt toppings on different portions of your body and ask your partner to eat only them. Err, it's unlikely that they will stick only to the caramel shavings, gems and candied fruit. After all, it's all about wanting more and more...

Here's wishing you a mind-blowing ‘gasm.


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