Follow These Insta Feeds For Your Daily Sugar Dose

Fill your Instagram feed with some drool-worthy treats that are sure to give you a sugar rush.

Annabelle D’Costa

Fair warning, these accounts will force you to put on your aprons and get baking or take a run to your nearest local bakery.

Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17

There’s a high chance that you’re already following Shivesh Batia, a self-taught baker and food blogger, whose account boasts of over 115 thousand followers. Begging you to scroll through in silence, don’t be surprised if you find yourself drooling over his mouthwatering, almost ethereal baked goodies. His blog Bake with Shivesh is therapy for your hungry soul.

Maria Goretti (@mariagorettiz)

One of the most recognizable names in baking, you’ve probably seen her on several cooking shows. Showcasing her love for baking from her travels, shoots and her home kitchen, her Instagram feed will surely make you want to give up on your diet. Her treats are just as pretty as she looks, making you almost hesitant to eat them.

Pooja Dhingra (@poojadhingra) 

Celebrity chef and owner of Le 15 Patisserie and Café, Pooja Dhingra’s creations are works of art – but the fact that they’re actually edible will leave you in awe. She doesn’t just stick to her signature macaroons – from Cannes-inspired desserts to customized cakes, tarts and everything in between, her Insta feed will give you ultimate #bakinggoals

Kirti Bhoutika (@kirtibhoutika)

Owner of SugarPlum Cakery, Kirti Bhoutika’s Instagram feed is what every baker’s dreams are made of. If you aren’t yet following this genius, you better not forget to hit follow for your daily dose of anything and everything cake. Her creative inventions also include truffles and macaroons. Don’t scroll through her feed on an empty stomach.

Deeba Rajpal (@passionateaboutbaking) 

A wonderful mix of home comfort food and show-stopping baked delights, Deeba Rajpal’s Instagram account is the best of both worlds. With recipes like the gluten-free Quinoa Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake and Vanilla bean Panna Cotta with Mango Curd, you're sure to get absorbed into her feed for hours, and we don’t blame you! Diet-watchers, look away!

Ankiet Gulabani (@ankietgulabani) 

His Instagram is a collage of decadent shots and a reminder that life is too short to skip dessert. He surely knows how to turn an ordinary looking dessert into an extra-ordinary masterpiece with carefully placed props, making you want to lick your screens. We dare you to scroll through his posts without double tapping!

Sanjana Patel (@chefsanjana) 

If you can’t make it to Sanjana’s La Folie Lab in Mumbai’s Bandra, her feed is enough for your daily fix of sugar and to learn a few baking tips. No matter how pretty her creations look, the fact remains that they are meant to be devoured one slice at a time.

Radhika Malhotra Arora (@sugarnspicebyradhika)

If you’re new to the baking game, this self-taught baker’s feed is where you should begin. Prepare for an overdose of chocolate, sugar and a lot of fresh fruits. From eggless tiramisu to mini puff pastry tarts, her step-by-step guide is sure to convert everyone to baking.


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