Flea Bazaar Is The Answer To All Your Food Tantrums

With a range of cuisines and the familiar Social vibe, this new eating joint is more of an upscale khau galli with varying tastes to match

Mohit Chotrani

With the growing demand for food, drinks and shopping, it becomes difficult for a person to do everything in a single night. In recent times, more and more people are getting into experimenting with food and are always looking for an option.

Imagine, you plan to go out with your family, friends or partner but can't decide on a place that satisfies the food desires of everyone involved. Fear not, ace restaurateur Riyaaz Amlani has a solution for you. At his new outpost Flea Bazaar Cafe, he has set up food stalls - The Bohri Kitchen, Goila Butter Chicken, Soam, Lucknowee, to name a few. The bar section has LIIT on tap and a wide variety of local brews apart from regular drinks. In short, the 7000 sq ft area is an upscale khau galli that promises to treat the taste buds of any patron who enters Flea Bazaar. Not just food, the place also has a shopping section where you can buy curios and enjoy performances by different artists.

We visited the place and tried eating as much as we could but trust us, there is something for everyone and variety of dishes a person can eat will run into multiple pages if we list them down. 

To make life simple for you and for us as well (for our next visit) we are going to list down top seven must-try foods at the Flea Bazaar.


Butter Chicken

(INR 275) at Goila Butter Chicken – Goila Butter Chicken is owned by the renowned #SadakChef – Saransh Goila. According to George Calombaris, it is the best butter chicken and we couldn’t agree more. It’s creamy with a smoky flavour and not sweet like the ones available in the market. That when paired with the goodness of the Chili Garlic Roomali Roti, will leave you craving for more. 


Mini Mutton Samosa

(INR 199) at T.B.K – The Bohri Kitchen - Munaf Kapadia, the brain behind selling his mother’s famous smoked mutton samosas, has expanded his brand outside his home by opening a food stall at the Flea Bazaar. The Mutton Samosas are a nostalgic trip that reminds us why The Bohri Kitchen is at the top of its game with its minced samosa patty - perfect balance of tenderness and crispiness.


Tunday Kebabs

(INR 200) with Tunday Paratha (INR 40) at Lucknowee - This is a must try for all meat lovers. The Kebabs will just melt in your mouth and leave you craving for more. (We are already drooling as we write this). Hands down, this was our favourite and tops our list. 


Dirty Licking

(INR 280) at Burger Bay - This is Pulled BBQ Chicken topped with grilled pineapple and cucumber salsa served along with homemade beetroot and plantain chips. The meat was juicy with just the right amount of spiciness to balance the sweetness from the pineapple. The accompanying beetroot chips added just the right texture to this delicious dish.


Smoky BBQ Chicken Dimsums

(INR 180) from Hung Li - The dimsums had the right thickness of the casing with ample amount of filling inside served along with a secret BBQ sauce. If you’re craving something Asian, this is the dish to try (and beat).


Jowar Pita Pocket

(INR 180) from Chakana by Soam - Medium-sized pockets packed with lots of flavours and the best part was, they were healthy as well. Simple yet delicious food is what Soam is known for and they live up to it at their Flea Bazaar outlet as well. Another must-try item from their menu is the Paankhi.


Hand Pulled Nitro Coffee

(INR 250) from Roasted Today - This was the perfect way to end the evening, a cup of coffee, sorry good coffee makes everything better and the guys at Roasted Today know how to get it right. They make the nitro coffee in front of your eyes and when you taste it, you’re transported to another world from where you don’t want to come back to earth in a hurry!


There you go, the seven things you shouldn’t miss at the Flea Bazaar. Also, just to mention it again, they have a prop shop where you can buy stuff, an open bar where one can enjoy the LIITs from Social’s and a dedicated area where you can experience live gigs. All in all, Flea Bazaar is a lively space that tries to recreate a local food bazaar and almost pulls it off. 


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