Flavoured water recipes to help you stay cool this summer

By now, everyone knows it’s important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated, but this practice becomes even more important during summer. With the scorching summer heat, it is common to find yourself low on energy. Blame it on dehydration or sheer boredom. After all, drinking plain water can get a bit boring after a while. Here’s how you can keep your water intake high by adding some colour, flavour and freshness to your H20.

Carrot Plum Ice Tea

Iced teas are great coolers to beat the summers, and here is a delightful ice tea recipe.

Kokum & Peach Iced Tea


With its unique flavour, this kokum and peach iced tea makes for an effective coolant, perfect for sipping while on the go. 

Minty Apple Fresco

Try this refreshing minty drink that mixes the goodness of green apple and black tea. 

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