Five Treats Even Your 12-Year-Old Can Whip Up

Cooking with your kids can be an enjoyable experience. It is a great way to get your children to eat healthy while they have fun.


These will be some of your most favourite kitchen memories—the time you spend cooking with your little ones. There are a few ground rules you must follow, keep it simple, with few ingredients and basic techniques. Also, monitor the young ones as they handle certain equipment, like knives, toaster and grinder, and teach them to stay away from the flame or any hot surface. To make it even more fun, use quirky equipment, colourful foods, fresh fruits and greens that you can chop easily (and pop once in a while). Here are a few awesome ideas from our youngest chef, Emanuel Chauhan. Considering that dessert and sweet treats are the first things your child will want to make (we all loved licking cake batter, didn’t we?), here are easy recipes that even your 12-year-old will enjoy making.

Honey noodles in chocolate cups

Have leftover noodles? Try this. Dust the noodles with some flour and fry them. Toss the fried noodles in honey with chopped almonds and serve them in chocolate cups.

Five Treats Even Your 12-Year-Old Can Whip Up

Veg Mousse

Let your son take charge of the desserts when you’ve invited your friends over—he will love all the praise. Here’s an easy way to make soft, fluffy mousse, and style it for that added effect.

Five Treats Even Your 12-Year-Old Can Whip Up

Instant ice cream

We all love these cold treats, but all that added sugar and preservatives are not what you want for your child. Just whip some up and home. Add fresh fruits, berries and nuts to make it even more fun. Go on, your child will thank you for it even 20 years later.

Five Treats Even Your 12-Year-Old Can Whip Up

Chocolate fruit swiss roll

We’re sure this quick recipe will remain a family favourite. Just flatten bread slices (you could use whole wheat bread to amp up the nutrition), pour some melted chocolate (or honey), place some fresh fruits and roll it. This version of Fruit Roll is both healthy and delicious. Serve it with hot chocolate.

Five Treats Even Your 12-Year-Old Can Whip Up

Gulkand Diwali Pataka

We bid adieu to the festival of lights, but not to the festivities! Here’s a twist to a traditional favourite that will have you wanting more. We’re reminded of that popular jingle, “no one can stop at one!”
Five Treats Even Your 12-Year-Old Can Whip Up


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