Finger Foods That Score A Goal With Football Fans

Snack recipes to take care of hunger pangs during the match

A week in and it’s safe to say that FIFA World Cup fever has spread across the globe. Right from this fan who collected beers from each of the 32 participating countries to this fan who prepared his food to resemble the flags of competing teams.

In New York, where the matches are being telecast early in the morning, a cereal cafe has opened its doors so football fans can catch the match with breakfast. Luckily, in India, most of the matches are scheduled post-work hours, giving you time to make arrangements for snacks that will last you through the night.

If you've munched your way through every variety of chips available in the supermarket, it's time to put on the chef's hat and cook some snacks of your own. Pair them up with an assortment of dips and your hunger pangs will be put to an appetising rest. Your experiments in the kitchen with these snack recipes are sure to score a hat-trick like Cristiano Ronaldo!

Aniseed Dinner Rolls
With ingredients that you will readily find around your kitchen, this one is a quick recipe to get you started. Lots of these dough balls accompanied by a large bowl of dip will have you sorted for rest of your game night.

Bombay Duck Tempura
This recipe gives a Japanese take to the good old bombil -- every seafood-loving Mumbaikar’s swear by snack.

Arbi Pakoda
Pouring on match night? Don’t let it dampen the mood. In fact, there’s nothing better than snuggling in front of the TV with deep-fried comfort food during the monsoon. Skip the usual potatoes and give your pakodas an ‘arbi’ twist with this recipe.

Sausage Fanciers
Your friends are sure to be floored by these sausages that come wrapped in baked goodness. Serve with an assortment of dips and you won’t have to worry about hunger pangs spoiling the game.

Black Pepper Cheddar Skillet Biscuits
If you can never stay too far away from cheese on any given day, here’s a biscuit recipe that sneaks in mouth-watering cheddar cheese. Bake multiple batches of these and stock up in advance so you don’t miss a single goal.

Palak Besan Papdi
You think only ‘health freaks’ like spinach? This recipe turns ‘boring palak’ into a yummy finger food and will have you join the ‘spinach appreciation society’ as soon as you’ve wiped out the plate.

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