Filter Kaapi is Boldly Going Where No Tumbler has Gone Before

Meet the Kaapuccino at Bengaluru’s Kalmane Koffees

Arathi Menon

Kaapi Mocha, Kaapi Blue Grass, Kappuccino—Kaapi purists may cry murder—or maybe they are celebrating! We’re inclined to think it’s the latter.

By far the most favoured drink around the globe, coffee has been reinvented many times over. However, one of the original coffees that bucked the trend for a long time was the South Indian filter coffee. 

Grown in dense coffee plantations in regions like Coorg and Chikmagalur, a strong brew of filter coffee oozing out from purely South Indian filter contraptions have always been associated with an older lot of connoisseurs, a generation of puritans that believed innovations ruin the original, allowing the South Indian brew to remain largely untouched. That is, until Kalmane Koffees burst onto the scene. Sourced from the century-old Kalmane estate in Chikmagalur, Kalmane Koffees has shown why innovation does not always mean the loss of a good thing. 

Much recommended here is Kaapi Mocha, a unique blend of cocoa and filter coffee. You could also try Kaapi Masala which carries a hint of cinnamon and Kaapi Nelyani Gold with cardamom in it. There is a good selection of cold coffees as well, Mochalicious for one hit the sweet spot for us.

Kalmane Koffees have three outlets in Bengaluru, at the three popular malls—Garuda on Magrath Road, Forum in Koramangala and Phoenix City in Whitefield. If you’re looking for some thindi-oota or snacks, try their banana cake. Brownie lovers will like the gooey brownies that pair well with the Kaapi Mocha. There’s the bite-sized cocktail samosa and puffs, but we’d recommend Southy snacks, like chilli banana chips or chakkili with Kaapi Nelyani Gold. Don’t forget to pack some original filter coffee powder for home when you’re here.

Picture Credits : Kalmane Koffees


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