FIFA 2018: 5 Swedish Dishes You Must Once In Your Lifetime

Think meatballs, sandwich cake, and more.

Shraddha Varma

After an interesting win against Switzerland, Sweden has finally bagged a chance to play at the FIFA Football World Cup 2018 quarter-finals. This will be their first FIFA World Cup quarter-final since 1994. As the team gears up to beat England and enter the semi-finals, here's a compilation of 5 of Sweden's most popular foods.

While Sweden isn't exactly known around the world for its culinary excellence, there are a bunch of dishes that are worth giving a shot, at least once in a lifetime. Scroll through and bookmark your favourites now. 


Köttbullar, also known as the Swedish meatballs, is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes from the country. The heroes of this classic are the meatballs, made using ground beef and breadcrumbs. There is no single recipe for the dish and it changes from household to household. It is traditionally served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry jam.


For the uninitiated, it's a savoury sandwich cake that's popular in Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Iceland. This bright, fresh, and fun looking dish is a party-favourite and contains seafood, eggs, mayonnaise, veggies, and cold cuts as filling. The base is usually a sturdy white or rye bread, which helps offer a foundation to carry and support the all the fillings.  


A classic, this savoury pie comes from the northern region of Sweden and is generally eaten with crayfish in the summers. The key ingredient of Västerbottenpaj the cheese, which comes from Västerbotten in the north of the country. The cheese is known for its sharp cheddar-like flavor that is also imparted to the pie. What we particularly love in this pie is the combination of textures that the custard filling and the hard pastry bring to the plate.  


Kanelbulle are Swedes’ version of  cinnamon buns found in every cafe, bakery, or supermarket across Sweden. These sweetly spiced buns boast a golden brown crust on the outside and are moist on the inside. They are finished off with a sprinkle of large grains of sugar. Although this baked goodness is made using standard ingredients, it's highlight are juicy layers with a sticky filling of cinnamon, butter, and sugar. Kanelbulle is served year-round and is generally paired with coffee by the locals.

Note: Cinnamon buns are the best when they are freshly baked. 


Commonly known as Swedish crispbread, Knäckebröd is a popular snack among the Swedes. In fact, we can safely say, they love it as much as the French love their baguettes. This earthy, thin cracker has been a part of their culinary culture since the past 500 years and, judging by the popularity, it's going to stand tall until the next 500. You can easily pick one and munch on it while you're heading for a stroll or work. If not that, you can top it with basics like cheese and ham. The Swedish locals prefer to eat it with caviar.


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