Few Popular Sweets And Namkeens To Prepare This Diwali

Diwali one of the most cherished and largely celebrated festival in India. This Diwali, celebrate the festival with Sweets and Namkeens from across the country.


Let us start with India, India is the only country in the world where the number of festivals is more than the days in the year. India has a distinct culture, traditions and regions. And, every festival is celebrated differently and we relish each event with joy and happiness. All the family members unite and celebrate the festivals.

The Festival of Lights

Out of India’s many festivals, Diwali is one big festival celebrated all across the country. As per belief, Diwali is celebrated to remember Lord Ram’s return home after 14 years of exile when brought Goddess Sita back into his kingdom after defeating Ravana. In happiness, people light up the entire village using diyas and share sweets with each other.

The tradition is still followed, where everyone cleans their houses. They also decorate their houses with lights, make varieties of sweets and namkeens for Diwali, wear new clothes. People make sweets like laddu, barfi, Gujia, etc. and namkeens like mathri, chivda etc. Especially, they make laddus like coconut laddu or nariyal ke laddu.


Varieties of sweets and namkeens are being made in every house in India. The popular sweets for Diwali festival are:


This is a stuffed dessert where the outer crust is made using flour. The sweet filling is made of khoya, sugar, dry fruits. The little parcel-like dessert is the deep fried in ghee.

Coconut Laddu / Nariyal Laddu:

A round shaped sweet laddu is made with khoya, grated coconut and sugar. A perfect dish for any festival.


This savoury namkeen is popular in north India. It is made using plain flour and is deep fried in oil. It is crunchy and crispy.


: A kind of namkeen is made after mixing roasted poha, peanuts, dry fruits, dry coconut, curry leaves and various spices. A dish with incredible aroma, chivda can be preserved for a longer period of time.


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