Festive Treats You Can Cook With Kids

These quick, yummy recipes will keep your younglings busy and happy

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Festivals are a reason to indulge and the festival of lights brings along with it the reason to enjoy many Diwali treats. Your kids though need no reason to dig into some treats and would gladly relish Diwali treats all-year round. We’ve put together some cool ideas for Diwali treats that are both delicious and easy, so your little ones can make them with you.

Traffic Lights

One of the quicker Diwali treats. This sweet dish recipe is made with condensed milk and biscuit powder. Here’s a fun way to keep your kids engaged in the kitchen while making Diwali treats.

Festive Treats You Can Cook With Kids

Jelly Shots

Great idea for birthday parties and play dates. This one is a great fit for Diwali treats as well. Kids will love to tinker around with the syringes filled with jelly shots!

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Festive Treats You Can Cook With Kids

Animal Shapes

Are your kids frowning at the thought of making Diwali treats? They won't once they find out they're actually building a zoo! Watch them cook and gobble up these Diwali treats in a jiffy. Spike up the Diwali treats with chopped veggies and tongue-tickling chutneys. Read the entire recipe here.

Lovely di Lauki

Ready to dig into this delicious sweet bottle-gourd filled in ice-cream cones for Diwali treats? This recipe is an awesome way to sneak in some healthy lauki into a child's meal and get them to eat the veggie that they turn their nose on.

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Festive Treats You Can Cook With Kids

Stuffed Bananas

Bananas are full of healthy carbs and nutrients making them perfect for Diwali treats. Serve them stuffed with coconut, dry fruits and jaggery and watch the kids polish them off!

Festive Treats You Can Cook With Kids

Pineapple Strawberry Cooler

A sweet and tangy drink to beat the October heat. This one makes for perfect Diwali treats as well. Whip up this refreshing tropical cooler for your kids when they arrive hot and sweaty after school. Great recipe to engage the busybodies on a weekend too! Here's the entire recipe.


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