Experts Reveal the Best Substitutes for Eggs in Baking

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Eggs are the unsung heroes of many baked goodies. You rarely notice them when they’re there, but it is eggs that give a dish its moisture, richness, fluffiness, and even the body. It's hard to think of substitutes for eggs in baking.

So what do you do when you when you’re serving a vegetarian or vegan guest? Or you’re halfway through the recipe and realise that there are no eggs in the refrigerator? There are a substitutes for eggs which can help save the day. Well, in this case, the dish! Here is an egg substitution guide that you can refer to for egg-free baking!

Basic egg substitutions include:

Pureed Fruits

When baking something without eggs, you need to add an ingredient that binds everything together. Fruit purees contain high pectin content which helps do the job. Chef Satish Kumar, executive sous chef, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel Gachibowli suggests mashed bananas as one of the best egg substitutes in sweet recipes such as pancakes, cakes, and muffins.

“Ripe bananas, in particular, can bind all the ingredients together since they are high in moisture and have a creamy texture. Plus, they are healthy and are known to improve digestion and moderate blood sugar levels, so it’s a win-win from both ends,” he explains. Apples also contain high pectin content, so that’s a great choice too.

An important point to note: unlike eggs, fruits add a distinctive flavour to your baked goodie, so use them only if you don’t mind that or it’ll be a failed experiment.

How to use:

You need half a ripe banana to replace one egg. And, in case of apples, you’ll need four tablespoons of apple puree.

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Flax Seeds

You sprinkled flax seeds over your salads and mixed spoonfuls of it in the morning smoothies. But did you know, flax seeds when ground, mixed with water, and left for a minute, attains a consistency similar to an egg? This concoction can be used in pancakes, brownies, and muffins. Chef Nayindra Chetry, executive pastry chef, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Centre informs that this mixture is popularly known as ‘flax egg’. When it comes adding flavour to a dish, he says, “Unlike fruits, flax seeds don’t have much of a flavour, however, it does add a bit of nuttiness.”

The Hyderabad-based culinary expert mentions that one can also use the flax egg in savoury recipes (vegetarian baking) such as meatballs, where the other flavours are strong enough to balance the nuttiness of the flax seed mixture.

How to use:

For each egg, you will need a tablespoon of ground flax seeds mixed with three tablespoons of warm water.

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Silken Tofu

Have you ever tired replacing eggs with plain tofu in your baking? Chef Kumar shared this tip and we were instantly intrigued. “Tofu contributes to the texture of your baked dish, and is best suited for recipes that requires many eggs. But remember to use plain, soft tofu as the firm one will make it difficult to blend,” shares chef Kumar. It is advisable to avoid pre-seasoned tofu in vegan baking because it may intervene with the taste and texture of your final product. When making quiches and tarts, tofu makes for a great choice.

How to use:

For each egg, you will need a quarter cup of mashed soft tofu.


Chef Rakesh Talwar of Mumbai-based Vice – Global Tapas Bar recommends aquafaba as a substitute for egg white, especially for people following a vegan diet. For the uninitiated, aquafaba is the water in which chickpeas or other lentils have been cooked. He explains, “The water mimics the function of an egg white and can be beaten to stiff peaks to do anything from baking cakes to meringues.”

In case you’re thinking of the flavour of the beans or lentils, he assures that it disappears once cooked and won’t affect the recipe.

How to use:

You need to use three tablespoons of aquafaba to replace one egg. Whip it until foamy before using it.

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