Expecting Out-of-town Wedding Guests? Here's How To Host Them At Home

This wedding season, let your home say ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ to your guests

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Having out-of-town wedding guests can be fun or a huge undertaking, depending on how many people you have to host and how well-prepared your home is. If you love having people over, you need a house that’s guest-friendly. Everyone loves a house that’s welcoming, and a little bit of effort can help you achieve that homely abode. 

Here are some top tips for setting up a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests:

1. Deep clean is a must

A guest may have allergies that can act up if he or she comes into contact with dust, mould and unclean surfaces and a thorough deep clean is a must before they arrive. Unless you are what they call a ‘cleanliness freak’, you should clean your living rooms, drawing rooms, guest rooms, and bathrooms. You should also wash the linens, guest towels, and comforters regularly. If your house is too big to be deep cleaned in a short span, you can hire cleaning services to help you out.

2. Stock up on essentials

Just like goodie bags at destination weddings, a bag with essentials will make your guests from out of town feel welcome. This will also help you avoid frequent trips to grab things each time a demand comes up. It is also crucial that you stock medicines for body pain, cold, and fever as people tend to contract a cold or flu when they travel to new locations.

Here are some of the essentials you must be prepared with:

  • Arrange for extra blankets and towels
  • Make extra room in closets
  • Provide guests with a separate luggage rack
  • Store tubes of toothpaste
  • Stock extra toothbrushes
  • Store miniature bottles of sanitizers, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion
  • Stock cotton swabs
  • Fill your pantry with snacks
  • Don’t forget to arrange for spare toilet paper

3. Provide necessary information

Ensure that your wedding guests know your Wi-Fi passwords, instructions for the TV and other electronic systems. Also, include any important phone numbers that they might need. If your building or society has an electronic security system, offer your guests the necessary PIN or key card to enter the premises.

4. Rearrange the furniture

An easy and foolproof way to better equip you home to accommodate wedding guests is by freeing up space. You can move around non-essential furniture such as coffee tables, small stools, and boxy furniture that take up a lot of space. You can also move expensive home décor items on display and keep them somewhere safe, in case there are children among your guests from out of town.

5. Home decoration tips

Everyone wants a comfortable and beautiful home especially when there’s a wedding waiting to happen. 

Let’s look at some simple ways in which this can be done:

  • Install fairy lights in small corners
  • Illuminate the house from outside
  • Decorate the trees in your backyard

There’s really no limit to the efforts you can put in to beautify your home for your guests. However, the above tips should be more than enough to make your wedding guests feel right at home.

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