Evolution of Our Favourite Indian Cuisine

Not only known as the land of cultures India is also known for the heritage of rich cuisines, This blog will let you know how all these mouth-watering cuisines evolved


Are you interested to know about the Indian cuisine as when and how it started? Then let us travel back into history. As the world is always praising Indian food because of its varieties and the ingredients used to bring out the authentic taste, one needs to understand that how the varieties come together and become one. Basically, Indian cuisine is broadly divided into four types, i.e. North Indian, South Indian, East Indian & West Indian Cuisine. These all cuisine styles bring an ample amount of dishes like Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Samosa, Etc. Vedic Civilization Era: Before discussing the modern Indian food, let us go back 4000 years ago when Mohenjodaro & Harappa civilization introduced the word “Cultivation”. These two civilizations sowed the seeds for modern day food. They are the one who initiated the better forms of cultivation so that better fruits can grow. The basic diet in this era included vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products and grains. Various Empires ruled India:

The time came when several empires visited India with a vision to rule. They also brought their own food cuisine and culture. Later, when they left India, we accepted their food cuisine and that’s where the varieties came in and Indian cuisine became much diverse than the others. Dishes like Biryani and Samosa were introduced under these empires. Today, biryani and samosa are one of the most devoured recipes in India.

Examples:- Mauryan culture spoke about basic etiquettes of maintaining kitchen, while Gupta empire stopped the intake of animal meat after being inspired by Jainism and Buddhism. All beings are sacred as per the beliefs of Jains and Buddhists. Portuguese & British Era Then came the Portuguese who brought potatoes, tomatoes, papaya, chilli and many other wonderful food items. And Britishers came with many fruits and vegetables. Modern Era All these eras have brought their delicacies and cuisines which combined together and with innovations, our today's modern food like Pav Bhaji, Pani-Puri, Biryani, Jalebi, Chicken etc. have come up. And so, here we come to an end. This is how our Indian cuisine was evolved.


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