Enticing Ways To Keep Your Kiddie Meals Exciting Throughout the Year

Be it festivals, a regular day at work or just your child’s occasional tantrums, customising your kid’s meal shouldn’t be rocket science!

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“Mamma I won’t eat this. I want something yummy. Mamma, I want a pizza with extra cheese for lunch.” If you are a parent to a toddler or a child who is in his schooling years, these are words you are accustomed to hearing on a daily basis. It can seem like a miniscule non-issue for someone who doesn’t have to get innovative with meals every single day, but mothers know the hard reality and how challenging it can be to keep your child happy and well fed.

So, we put together instances and occasions when one needs to get creative with a child’s lunch box or simply with meals at home. Be it the festivals, your child’s birthday parties or simply a daily breakfast that your child scrunches up her / his nose for, there is a lot to play around with if you know how to get it right!

Yummy Milkshakes for Fussy Kids

It can be a real task to decide what to feed your children early in the morning. A glass of milk is a sure shot activity but kids can be really difficult to convince at times. So, we decided it’s time to go beyond your classic store bought flavours and additives, and instead make your own milkshakes. Packed with fruits and other healthy ingredients, these milkshakes ideas will keep your children slurping all day! You can even send them in a bottle to school and be rest assured that the bottle will be coming home empty with your child grinning all along.

Five Treats even 12-Year-Olds can Whip Up

Cooking with kids can be a great family activity and also help them learn essential life skills. This way, they end up eating healthy and relishing the meal they have cooked for themselves. Making the most of the time that you have with your children is crucial so make the process creative and endearing, incorporate colourful fruits, foods, recipe ideas, etc.

Festive Treats you can Cook with Kids

The festive season is upon us! With a wide variety of festivals cropping up this season, the kids are bound to be excited. There are umpteen ways you can make the kids enjoy the festivities and broaden their creativity further with some simple recipes. We put together a few recipe ideas that are both delicious and also quite easy for the little ones to attempt.

Birthday Party Treats Every Kid Will Love

A child’s birthday is the most awaited day in most households. The early years are special and making every birthday memorable and exciting is every parents’ annual job. Most parents begin prepping and planning well in advance to ensure that the birthday is perfect and the party is everything that the kid hoped for. Feeding an army of kids can be a daunting task—keeping the kid’s menu creative and yet making sure that it isn’t repetitive and unusual is a no easy challenge. So, we did the hard work and asked chefs to put together a smorgasbord of delicacies that is guaranteed to take a birthday party a notch higher. 

Tri-Colour Foods for Your Kid’s Lunch Box

Independence Day allows for some quirky and colourful ideas that can be incorporated in kids’ meals. Using food colours might not be a great idea as these can result in varied health issues but using natural food colours to get the shades right is a great idea. We put together a few options that you can experiment with and get your hands on, when it comes to making a tri-coloured meal!

Creative Ways to Make your Kids Eat Eggs


We keep learning about the various health benefits of eggs and how the protein intake is essential to keep your child healthy and fit. While starting the day with 2 eggs and some milk is the protocol, having to eat an omelette or simply a boiled egg every single day can become extremely monotonous and make your child a picky eater. With these simple hacks you can get your kids to savour and devour the nutrition and protein-packed eggs. 

10 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything  

From deciphering which vegetable they love, the timings they tend to eat at to keeping a track of the changes they go through, it can be really difficult to get your child to agree to eating a balanced and wholesome meal. Children can be whimsical and unpredictable in their demands and the only way to ensure that they do not get bored with the eating pattern is to keep it as creative and fun as possible. We rounded up a few ways that can keep your child happy and excited.

How to Make Boring Meals Fun

A big task that most mommies face is to keep the lunch boxes fun and enticing enough so that the kids don’t come back complaining! Getting your children to polish off their meals when the tiffin is filled with nutritious, healthy foods is a challenge in itself. Journalist and mommy to two growing boys, Tashneem Ali Chaudhury solves this dilemma as she tells us why it’s a good idea to get cooking sometimes.

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Kitchen Skills to Teach your Kids

Apart from school and extra-curricular activities, there are a bunch of other fun skills that your child should be taught from a young age. Kitchen skills basics such as chopping, kneading or washing vegetables are bound to come in handy as they grow up. Make it fun and keep it safe! Here is how you can engage your child and yet teach him a few life skills, well in advance.

Food Hacks when you Fly with a Toddler

Are you one of those who used to get equally annoyed at parents of toddlers in a flight? Screaming, screeching babies who have no shame and absolutely refuse to stop. And now you happen to be a parent to one? We sympathise. A great way to fly with your babies is to ensure that you stick to a few basic guidelines and keep them as happy as possible. For a stress-free flight, your toddlers need to be quiet and being well fed is a huge aspect of being at peace. Carrying food might not always work so we came up with a few ideas that will keep you at ease, at least in the food department.

Cooking Hacks Every Parents Should Know

How does one serve exciting meals on the table, every single week and every day without falling short of ideas and creativity? Well, we got LF chef Maria Goretti to simplify cooking for children. There are a horde of ways to keep it fun and interesting, here are a few.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Karela

I like karela, said no kid ever. Karela or bitter gourd are named as such for a reason and though they are rich in dietary fibre, magnesium, zinc and iron, the taste can be a total downer. At such times, including karela in your kid’s diet is a tricky affair. That’s where these chef-approved hacks will come to the rescue.

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