Eat a Rainbow: This is the Year of Ultra Violet

The Pantone Colour of Year 2018 lends itself beautifully to food

Joyoti Mahanta

Rest assured, we aren’t talking about the Milla Jovovich-starrer movie. Instead, it is the colour of the year! Provocative and thoughtful—that’s how Pantone execs describe Ultra Violet, the gorgeous shade of purple that has been declared Pantone Colour of 2018. Historically, the colour has been associated with nonconformity and spirituality. Pantone also believes the colour symbolises new possibilities and a hopeful future. And why not! Purple foods are great for heart health, prevent high blood pressure, fight cancer and obesity. These foods are also known to fight dementia. Let’s raise a roast to ultra-violet and gorge on these foods for a shot of health and a dose of fun.





: Add them to your smoothies, shakes, salads or turn them into a dessert. You could try Blueberry and white chocolate mousse or Blueberry Panna Cotta: A coming together of unexpected elements, these two desserts will transform your traditional panna cotta or mousse into captivating and vibrant ones. In case of the mousse, the creamy white chocolate blends with the blueberries to bring out the pop of colour, while the creamy white of the panna cotta custard is a canvas for both flavour (sweetness of the berries) and colour (purple hues) making the dessert hard to resist.







 : Juice these fruits make for one healthy, antioxidant-rich and Pantone-compliant drink. The sweet and sour flavours of the two fruits make an irresistible and cooling summer drink that will bring back beautiful childhood memories with every sip.



: A great source of essential minerals like magnesium and calcium, and vitamins B and K, these fibre-rich fruits are also versatile. Eat them whole or chop and add to salads, smoothies or desserts. We love the Fresh Fig and Feta salad with walnuts. How do you plan to build your bowl of salad.






: Tried the super delectable Purple cabbage rolls? Simply bake purple cabbage leaves blanketing a flavourful mixture of onions, lentils, brown rice, a meat and seasonings of your choice, in a casserole dish in the oven—it’s super healthy. There’s also Gołąbki—cabbage rolls common in Polish cuisine made from lightly soft-boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around minced pork or beef, chopped onions, and rice or barley—but we would recommend that you use purple cabbage leaves instead. The results will be far more vibrant and interesting. Else, here’s an Indian cabbage roll recipe that you can try—simply substitute the green cabbage for its purple variant.







: We love the Black Rice Pudding. When cooked, the black rice transforms into a gorgeous violet hue. This variant of rice is a staple in North-East Indian states and South-East Asian countries, and when made into a pudding, is chewy yet soft. The mildly nutty flavoured ultra violet-hued black rice pudding is extremely nutritious too—rich in iron, Vitamin E, fibre and antioxidants. The black rice also gives tough competition to brown rice in the nutritional race.





: Shake up the traditional Middle-Eastern dip with a pop of colour to make Purple Yam Hummus. The densely fleshed purple yam that is commonplace in Asian markets is perfect for making Hummus. This creamy, Pantone-Colour-of-2018-hued Hummus has the other regular suspects like chickpeas, garlic, sesame seeds and olive oil that come together with purple yam to make up this delish and unique variant. Satisfaction is guaranteed.




: The original ultra violet veggie of the Indian market can be cooked in a variety of ways and one of our favourite ways is the Bharwa Baingan because, this way, the versatile vegetable retains some of its original purple hue and is tasty too. A great way to feed your kids, make Spicy stuffed Eggplants. Simply cut small slits on the brinjal and stuff it with a medley of powdered masalas of your choice, and simple roast them on the pan.

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