Easy Steps To Make Jalebi At Home

Satisfy your cravings for jalebi at home with this easy to make jalebi recipe

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Jalebi is one of the most popular Indian desserts but it is not originally from India. The jalebi's introduction to India can be traced back to the 15th century when it was known as Kundalika. Jalebi is the Persian export of zulabia, a saffron-coloured dessert. But now, shops selling freshly made jalebis is a common sight on many streets of India.

Jalebi Recipe

Easy Steps To Make Jalebi At Home

Fans of this sweet dish, relish crispy and garma garam jalebi right from the comfort of your home whenever you want! Gurdip Kohli Punj shows you how to make jalebi at home. Follow the easy steps in this jalebi recipe video:

Expert Tips for Jalebi Recipe

Trying the jalebi recipe at home but somehow not getting your favourite jalebi right? Maybe there’s something off with the consistency of the batter. That’s probably why you’re not getting those perfect spirals like the jalebiwala. Before you ditch your jalebi recipe efforts and rush to your nearest jalebi shop, check out these tips to help you make jalebi recipe at home like an expert.

Do More With Your Jalebi Recipe

Not that jalebi by itself is not yummy enough but when you're hosting a festive party at home, how about impressing your guests with some creative desserts. These cool ideas show you how can do more with your favourite jalebi to make a whole new sweet dish. Whether you're making the jalebi recipe at home or buying a batch of fresh jalebis from your favourite shop, these ideas will help you add variety to your dessert menu.

Jalebi Combos

The jalebi is such a versatile Indian sweet dish, your jalebi recipe can easily be paired with so many other food items. Can’t get enough for your sweet tooth, pair your jalebi with some rabdi! If you want to balance the sweetness of the jalebi with some savoury, why not try fafda? Get more ideas to experiment with jalebi combos from these 5 ways Indians like their jalebi.

Jalebi Varieties

While the Indian jalebi recipe itself is inspired from a Persian dessert, the classic Indian jalebi has further inspired many jalebi cousins across the country. Meet jaleba, the jalebi variety that doesn’t weigh less than 250 kgs, found in the bylanes of Indore and Varanasi. In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, a jalebi made of khoya is popular. Read all about the different types of jalebi you can find in India.

Green Jalebi in Bengaluru

Did you know about a type of green jalebi found on the streets of Bengaluru? This green jalebi is made of a seasonal bean called avarebele. Find out more about this green jalebi and why it is healthier than your favourite classic jalebi.

Burhanpur Ki Jalebi Recipe

Easy Steps To Make Jalebi At Home

Apart from Bengaluru, the state of Madhya Pradesh, too, has its own take in these spiral treats. Watch this video to learn how to make jalebis with dried whole milk, caramelised syrup and pistachio.

Bijora and Namkeen Jalebi recipe

Easy Steps To Make Jalebi At Home

If being a sweet tooth is not your folly, here is a savoury version of the epic desi jalebi. 

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