Easy Salad Recipes for the Healthy You

Three healthy and easy salad recipes to help you meet your weight loss goals

Annabelle D’Costa

If you’re looking for a lighter meal option or ways to help you attain that ideal body, salads can come a great deal handy. What’s best, salads allow you to make the most of the veggies and meats sitting in your refrigerators. Low in calories and high in nutrition, salads help add ‘health’ to your daily lifestyle. Here are ways you can spice up your salad routine because healthy need not be boring: 

Insalata Rustica

Curated by Chef Christian Huber at Alto Vino, JW Marriott Pune, this salad is oh-so-refreshing and filling at the same time that you’ll be left craving for more. Packed with the goodness of mushrooms and garlic, this is just the perfect dish to help you get through the monsoon chills. Mushroom and garlic, are both packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and also antioxidants which help enhance your body’s immunity. In case you’re down the weather and are looking for something light yet nutritious at the same time, this could be your go-to meal.

What you need

20 gm Rucola leaves
20 gm Romaine lettuce
20 gm Lollo rosso
40 gm bell peppers
10 gm garlic confit
50 gm mushrooms
10 gm cherry tomatoes
2 gm basil leaves
50 gm Parmesan flakes

Let’s get started

1. Grill the peppers and sauté the mushrooms in some olive oil.
2. To assemble, take the salad leaves, tomatoes, and grilled veggies in a mixing bowl. Season with salt and pepper and toss them all together.
3. Transfer into a plate and garnish with some parmesan shavings. Dig in!  

Coconut Lime Quinoa Salad

This yummy recipe by Sous Chef Sanjay Rawat at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield is a  combination of coconut with quinoa,  both known for their health benefits. While the former is rich in fibre and other essential vitamins required for your body’s normal functioning, the latter has a high protein content,  This nutritionally balanced salad makes for a great breakfast option, but can also be enjoyed any time during the day to calm your hunger pangs. 

What you need

1 cup uncooked quinoa
2 cups water 
1/2 cup red onion, finely sliced
3 cups cucumber, diced
1 1/2 cup purple cabbage 
1/2 cup avocado (ripened), diced
4 segments orange 
2 cups shelled edamame (defrosted) 
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes, toasted
1/4 cup almonds, roughly chopped
black pepper, for seasoning

For the dressing

2 tbsp orange juice 
1 lime (juiced)
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar -
2 tbsp olive oil

Let’s get started

1. Boil the quinoa in water according to package directions; approximately 12 to 15 minutes. Remove from the heat, fluff with a fork and let it cool.
2. Whisk together the dressing in a small bowl and set aside.
3. Toss together the remaining ingredients in a large bowl. When the quinoa has cooled, add it to the mixture, along with the dressing. Stir well to coat.
4. While this salad can be enjoyed right away, you can also let it sit for anywhere between 30 minutes and overnight so that all the flavours meld together. The quantity of dressing used is fairly small relative to the size of the salad because the lime, fresh herbs, orange segments and avocado do an amazing job at lending a strong flavour and taste.


Chickpea Kebab with Quinoa Salad and Tempered Yoghurt

Bursting with flavours and nutrition, this salad curated by Chef Rahul Dhavale, Executive Chef at The Westin Mumbai Garden City, is all you need for health on-the-go. This dish can easily be served at a social gathering and is sure to be a hit amongst all your guests. From helping improve digestion to aiding in weight loss, chickpeas do it all. While quinoa is a good source of essential antioxidants. Up your body’s defences this season with this healthy meal in a bowl.

For chickpeas kebab

What you need

100 gm chickpeas, boiled 
20 gm cumin seeds 
20 gm ginger garlic paste  
50 gm onion, chopped 
15 gm chaat masala 
15 gm coriander powder 
1 gm hing (asafoetida) 
10 gms green chili
60 ml oil 
1 small piece of brown bread 
40 gm maida
4 sprigs coriander leaves

For quinoa salad

100 gm quinoa, cooked
60 gm onion, diced
30 ml lemon juice
20 gm black olives, chopped
20 ml extra virgin olive oil
50 gm cucumber, chopped
40 gm cherry tomatoes, quartered
40 gm feta, crumbled
10 gm parsley, chopped
Salt and freshly ground pepper, for seasoning 

For tempered yoghurt

120 gm hung curd
5 gm turmeric powder
10 gm ginger, chopped
5 gm mustard seeds
2 gm curry leaves
15 ml oil
10 gm coriander, chopped
1 gm hing (asafoetida) 
Salt, to taste

Let’s get started

For tempered yoghurt

1. Heat oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds. When it splutters, add in the curry leaves and turmeric. Next, add in the chopped ginger.
2. Beat the hung yoghurt and pour this tempering over it.
3. Mix well and adjust seasoning.

For quinoa salad

1. Mix in quinoa with olives, cucumber and tomato.
2. Make the dressing using olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix together quinoa and dressing. Next, add in the chopped parsley.

For the kebab

1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add in the cumin seeds and once they splutter add in the hing, slit green chilies, chopped onion and ginger garlic paste.
2. Once onions have softened add chickpeas, coriander powder and salt. Mix well.

3. Turn off the heat. Add chaat masala and coriander leaves. Let this mixture cool for some time.

4. Grind this mixture without adding water.

5. Now mix in the maida, oil and crumbled brown bread. Knead for a minute to form smooth dough.

6. Now take the chickpea dough and make round tikkis.

7. Grill in a non-stick pan.
8. Bring all the elements together; serve hot kebabs with quinoa salad and tempered yoghrt in a serving dish.


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