As if we need more reasons to eat mangoes this season.

Mango season is here again, and we can’t keep calm. The only reason to celebrate the hot and sultry summer is by finding more reasons to eat mangoes. While they can be enjoyed on their own, mangoes add a burst of tropical brightness to almost any dish—from desserts to salads. So slip on your aprons and get whipping. Here are some specially curated recipes by our chefs to help you combine the juicy sweetness of mangoes with some savoury ingredients, and basically, induce food coma. 

Mango Cupcakes 


For those looking for a semi-healthy option, here’s the perfect cupcake recipe to indulge your sweet tooth. Perfect for the season, these mango cupcakes are a sure way to surprise your kids. Click here for the complete recipe. 

Mango Pudding 

This rich and silky dessert with pulpy and juicy mangoes will leave you wanting more. Easy to make, the only hard part is waiting for this healthy and vegan pudding to chill. 


Mango Chutney 

Can’t get enough yet? Turn them into a chutney, a perfect accompaniment to any and every meal. This sweet and sour mango chutney can instantly add flavour to all your meals.  


Mango Dhokla Salad

This instant dhokla salad is a perfect party starter. What better way to upgrade the traditional dhokla than with some juicy and fresh mango slices. 

Mango Caesar Salad

A sweet and spicy combination, this tangy mango caesar salad is a fun and fruity twist to the classic Caesar salad. Light on your tummy and refreshing, this salad is a nutritional powerhouse.



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