Drinking Is Passé. It’s Time To Eat Your Alcohol

If you are looking to satisfy your taste buds with something sweet and boozy, go for these scrumptious alcohol-infused treats at restaurants and bars. They let you enjoy your favorite tipple with a dose of fun

Nivedita Jayaram Pawar

Imagine your favorite food made even more indulgent by the addition of your most lusted after adult beverage, whether it is vodka, tequila, rum or even an entire cocktail. Enter edible alcohol, booze-soaked food that gives you a kick with each bite.

Combining booze with food takes the whole food experience to the next level. On a stick, in a scooped up fruit or a vegetable, with biscuit or candy… there are numerous creative ways to make alcohol attractive and fun.

As consumers crave a more diversified, indulgent experience with libations, restaurants are giving alcohol a solid food form to satisfy a need for enhancement.

What is edible alcohol?
It’s exactly what it sounds like… it’s a drink you can eat. (Think Jello shots, but much more exciting.) Restaurants across the country are adding these sweet treats to their menus, and the response appears to be validating the decision.

Now, there are purists who don’t want their martinis to jiggle, or whiskey to be whipped. But truth be told, not only are these booze-filled options delicious, but pretty to look at and downright fun to eat.

With the popularity of alcohol amongst youth and young adults only increasing, restaurateurs are leaving no stone unturned to create items and food that incorporate this widely appreciated item. From alcohol-laden desserts to booze-filled pastries and candies, these treats are a perfect way to sneak in some alcohol during the day.

Fruit and Veggie Shots

If you're someone who likes to sneak in a little health along with your vices, head to Madeira & Mime in Powai. This bar has found a unique way to turn kiwis into containers for vodka. The Green Goblet mixes flavors, textures, colours and even temperatures. So delicious, you will be drunk in love. “People love popping these when they are done drinking but want to continue with that slight buzz,” reveals Shiva, Head Bartender, Madeira and Mime.

The melon slices at Craftbar, a popular bar in Bandra, are infused with five spirits (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Triple Sec) and is a crunchy boozy bomb that you can bite into. The chocolate and coffee gola here is worth a try. The sangria here are frozen into attractive spheres. If you happen to be brunching on a Sunday at The Daily Bar & Kitchen in Bandra, you can’t miss the Wake Up shot - an orange wedge soaked in tequila and coated with coffee powder on one side. It’s all you need to jumpstart your week.

Drunken biscuits, pancakes and more

What happens when the magical food of your childhood meets happy hour? The answer is Oreoella - oreo biscuits with a centre of dark rum and condensed milk at Hoppipolla, the restobar with outlets in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. If you fancy getting drunk on an ice cream try the Cafe Neto here. It’s vodka, nutella and coffee mixed and scooped in a mini cone. “People were always used to knocking back shots from a tiny shot glass. These edible shots are very popular with our customers. They like the fact that now shots don't have to taste bad,” says Sandeep Sharma, Head Mixologist at Hoppipolla.

Other options worth trying include cupcakes stuffed with tequila, orange liqueur and frosted with whipped cream. You will need plenty of these cupcakes to feel the effect, but they are as boozy as cupcakes can get without tasting like alcoholic whipped cream.

Booze-soaked Jello shots

If you’re looking for an epic way to get drunk, jello shots are the way to go. The Strawberry jello shots at District Lounge, Kemps Corner are the perfect blend of strawberry and vodka. The strawberry is scooped and the jello is set in it. The shot fizzes and dances in your mouth. “When guests order shots we usually see them trying to knock it till the last drop. The jello shots in the strawberries allow them to pop the entire thing in the mouth without struggling,” reveals Aniket Karia, head of hospitality, District Lounge. These alcoholic treats marry the nostalgic candy like flavors we adored as kids with that great booze taste adults go for. The alcohol gives the otherwise-predictable sweet a punch of complexity.

Infused ice pops
Who says ice candies are just for the youngsters? Try out ice pops infused with any of your favorite alcohols for a change. It’s also a great way to cool off in the summer days. At Craftbar you can even have a regular cocktail frozen like a candy. “These certainly aren’t the easiest booze treats to make, but they are the tastiest. Because of alcohol’s low freezing point, you have to use just the right amount of alcohol to ensure the popsicle won’t become a slushie,” informs bar manager Vijay Chalwade. These popsicles are bright in colour and bold in flavour.

If you are torn between an after-dinner drink and dessert try the sangria sorbet at Storm Version 2, New Delhi. Made with red wine and Bacardi, the light and refreshing sorbet puts two guilty pleasures in one – wine and ice-cream. This adults-only treat soaks up the flavours of the wine and the topped fresh fruits add a nice crunch to the icy treat. With the temperatures heading north, frozen treats with a little kick are bound to thrill everyone and bring back great memories of those childhood summertime treats!

This boozy trend is gaining momentum, and isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. We wonder what’s coming next. Drunken pizza, maybe.

Illustration courtesy: Vartika Pahuja


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