Don’t Have a New Year's Eve Plan? We’ve Got You Covered!

No matter what your mood, LF helps you make your New Year's Eve plan

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No sooner has the Christmas revelry ended and the merry hangover cured, the next question on everyone's mind is–what's the plan for NYE? If you're the last-minute kind and don't have an answer to this question yet, LF's guide to making a New Year's Eve plan will be your only saviour. No matter what your mood for the year-end festivities, we have an NYE plan for you!

NYE Special Deals and Steals

Restaurants across the country are working hard to make sure you don't have to enter your kitchen on the last day of the year. Treat yourself to any of these New Year's Eve special menus and bring in the New Year with your favourite foods. Take your pick from this list of NYE dinners in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune and Pondicherry. For those who tend to gravitate towards all-you-can-eat buffets, check out these hacks to make the most of a buffet. And while you make your dinner reservations, find out how you can make healthy choices when eating out.

Party Till Dawn

To end the year on a high note, let your hair down and groove to some foot-tapping music at an NYE party in a city near you. With unique plans to ensure you end the year with a bang, the New Year's Eve parties in this multi-city list outdo each other and we're sure it's going to be tough making a choice. Before you slip into your party clothes, here's essential reading to make sure you don't spend the first day of the New Year nursing a nasty hangover. Did you know, January 1 came to be recognised as the first day of the New Year across the world only in 1582 after the Gregorian calendar was implemented.

Home Is Where The Party Is

If you prefer staying indoors with your gang or are simply not in the mood to go out, fret not about planning a house party to the T. These hacks to plan a last-moment house party will come to the rescue. Put together an intimate New Year's Eve do for your loved ones with a waste-free celebration with these tips on throwing a zero waste house party.

Food Menu:

Planning the dinner menu for an end-moment house party can be a daunting task, but with these menu planning tips, you can be a stress-free host. A New Year's Eve party doesn't have to be an elaborate full-course affair. Appetisers that complement the bar menu will do just fine. To get started, check out these easy appetiser recipes, bite-sized appetiser recipes and budget-friendly snacks recipes. End the NYE house party on a sweet note with these single-serve dessert recipes.

Bar Menu:

It's the bar menu that's the most essential and the tricky part of a New Year's Eve house party. That’s the one that gets the party started and the conversations flowing, after all! With these cocktail recipes, the spirits will not just be flowing at your NYE party, but also leave your guests impressed. To make sure the bar menu has something for everyone, experiment with these vodka-based cocktail recipes, whiskey-based cocktail recipes, rum-based cocktail recipes, beer-based cocktail recipes, and herb-infused cocktail recipes.

Bubbly Toast:

Bring out the bottles of bubbly and treat your guests to these champagne-based cocktail recipes when the clock strikes 12. If you're a guest at a house party, how about gifting your host one of these award-winning bottles of champagne?

Quiet Night In

No one said New Year's Eve celebrations have to be always about loud music and partying till the wee hours. If all you want to do is spend a quiet night in with your loved one, here are easy meals you can whip up with your partner and spend some quality time together.

NYE For Couch Potatoes

If you're in the mood for nothing else but turning into a couch potato this New Year's Eve, LF has an NYE plan for you too! Here's our best of 2018 watchlist to help you decide which TV series or movies you can spend the night bingeing. Remember to stock up on your favourite bags of chips beforehand for the perfect movie-watching experience. And to accompany your munchies, make these dip recipes in advance. Happy binge-watching to you!


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