#Dishcovery: Not-So-Despresso Mousse for Vegans in Town

Vegans, explore a world beyond sorbets


In the over-crowded F&B industry, Candy and Green will give tough competition to the existing heroes. Situated at a picturesque location in the elite neighbourhood of Breach Candy, the sea breeze will play with your hair while you relish carbon-free food. The highlight of this place is their menu, which focuses on meat and egg-free products and no saturated animal fats, making it an appropriate option for vegans as well. The ingredients of every item are either locally-sourced or grown in their roof-top garden.

The place offers not just mains and drinks for vegans, but also delicious desserts, which are more than just sorbets.

Driven by pure curiosity we ordered the Not So Depresso Mousse (INR 350). It had the exact texture and consistency of any mousse that has cream, cheese or milk.

“The mousse here is made with momen tofu, fresh hazelnuts, brown sugar and a hint of coffee for flavour,” explains Shraddha Bhansali, Owner of Candy and Green. We scooped out a big spoonful, and we knew that we had found heaven on earth for our vegan readers.

Image courtesy: Candy and Green


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