#Dishcovery: Hot Cocktails/Coffee infused cocktails at Glocal Junction

Glocal Junction has introduced a transition hour menu, featuring hot cocktails, pizzas and quick-bites.

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Glocal Junction has introduced a transition hour menu, featuring hot cocktails, pizzas and quick-bites. But what ought to grab everyone’s attention are their hot cocktails – warm alcohol-infused coffee drinks. Here’s more on our latest dishcovery!

If you ever visited Glocal Junction during the late evenings and felt that you are too late for their day menu and too early for their night menu and wished there was something between these two then your prayers have been answered.

Glocal Junction has introduced a new the transition hour menu for visitors between 4pm to7pm. The menu comprises of specially curated range of mouth-watering quick-bites, pizzas, desserts and hot cocktails. Something that raised our curiosity were the hot cocktails. Here’s what we recommend from the menu.

Spanish coffee

hot coffee cocktail glocal

Spanish coffee - an espresso shot with rum and topped with whipped cream - is the best drink to kick start your evening in our opinion!

Mexican- inspired coffee

mexican coffee cocktail with vodka

If vodka is your favourite spirit, then this coffee cocktail is exclusively for you. The Mexican-inspired coffee cocktail has vodka, peppermint and whipped cream in an espresso shot with chocolate shaves sprinkled on top.

Bavarian Coffee

bavarian coffee cocktail

Having tequila shots with lemon and salt is so old-fashioned! It’s time to try tequila in an espresso shot, garnished with whipped cream and cherry.

Café Brulot

cafe brulot with citrus

Had a lazy day? Looking for a something that will rejuvenate you? Then, opt for citrus-flavoured espresso shot and brandy, infused with cinnamon stick and anise served with a wedge of citrusy fruit. Ooh the thrills!

What makes them interesting?

“The whole idea behind the Transition hour menu was to seamlessly bind together the concepts of an all-day dining and a casual lounge. In one sense, adding alcohol to coffee is a little peculiar. The alcohol makes you mellow while the coffee perks you up. But it is this blending of opposites that make our drinks so attractive,” says Sanjay Vazirani, CEO & MD of Foodlink Services India Pvt. Ltd that runs Glocal Junction.

Are other eateries listening?


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