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If you think this is anything like your crispy waffles with berries and maple syrup, then your taste buds are in for a surprise. Picture this instead: Your favourite waffle teamed up with your beloved dosa to give you this rare combination. This Dosa Waffle is available in Mumbai. Scroll down to know where.

This Dosa Waffle made its debut in India when it was created by Chef Rohan Philip and it made a star-studded premiere at the recently opened Glocal Junction at Worli, Mumbai. It is made by putting dosa batter in a waffle machine and toasting it at the right temperature to get your golden dosa waffle. At Glocal, it is paired with Chicken Sukka.

Brainstorming and trial-and-error

After having tried this winning combo, we asked the chef how he came up with it: “The life of a chef is about experimenting and exploring, and bringing together different flavours and textures. Since the brand identity of Glocal is a fusion of global and local food, this dish fits in perfectly. We tried several palatable combinations: Chicken Chettinad, Fish Curry but Chicken Sukka is the only one that fit like a glove,” says Chef Rohan Philip. The essentials for this Mangalorean chicken preparation are sourced from Karnataka to lend authenticity.

This unique fusion dish wasn’t easy to achieve either. “We had to carry out an in-depth study and understand each item on our menu by maintaining global standards and reaching out to the local cuisine,” adds Chef Rohan. The batter had to be the right consistency, the temperature and timing of the waffle machine had to be precise, the spices had to be indigenous, and not to forget coating the waffle plates with clarified butter so that the dosa doesn’t stick to the sides and lead to a disastrous burn.

Priced at INR 350, this dish is easy on the wallet too, and qualifies to be a complete meal.


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