Different Types Of Samosa You Must Try Once

Find out what happens when your favourite Indian snack, samosa, gets a makeover. Here are different types of samosas you can have with spicy green and sweet chutney.


Samosas are one of the most popular snack items in India. We do not need a special occasion or festival to bring out the savoury delight. It doesn’t matter if there are guests at home or you are watching rains, samosas are the go-to snacks for all occasions. Tamarind sauce and green chutney make great companions for Samosas.

We all know the most popular and classic aloo (potato) samosa. But, do you know there is a wide variety of them available in your city? Small corners shops have now come up with their own variants that you can easily make at your home and try out something different and new.

Chinese Samosa

It includes noodles, chowmein, or plain Maggi, Chinese samosa is a delightful snack for all those people who love Chinese food. You can also experiment with various kinds of noodles as stuffing for the samosa. Even though it appears peculiar, but the result will be just wonderful.

Fish Samosa

Are you fond of fish, then you don’t need to find different ways of eating it, a fish samosa is the perfect snack. Prepared with a poached fish, seasoning, herbs, and mashed potato, this fish samosa is a guaranteed hit. 

Pasta Samosa

People who really love the fusion food, a pasta samosa offers the best of both Indian and Italian cuisines. You can make your own type of pasta, remember to make it dense to fit in the samosa rightly, fry it and you are done.

Keema Samosa

The samosas are stuffed with minced meat that is cooked with spices to enhance the taste. You can either use mutton or chicken keema; ensure you get extra fat in it for an additional dose of deliciousness. 

Cheese Samosa

Everybody including kids loves cheese samosas. Cheese mixed with coriander and fresh rosemary can make for a yummy filling.


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